The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Monday, March 24, 2014

"Why It's NOT Your Sponsor's Fault...REALLY!"

Here’s a question a reader of this blog sent in to us recently. See if it sounds familiar...

I’m really serious about the success of my business and I’m willing to work hard to reach my goals. I know that success does not come without skill or effort. My problem is that I don’t feel my upline cares about my interests. I have tried to contact them for help but they have been unresponsive and I don’t even feel they like me. What can I do to get support? Should I find another sponsor or another company altogether?
I understand very well how they feel. In fact I would bet that most of the people who read this blog do as well. Statistics tell us that about 75% of those involved in network marketing are dissatisfied with their upline.

The majority of those have not heard from their sponsor since joining.

I think that’s sad but it does not have to be the end of your business. In the end building your business is up to you, not your sponsor not even those who you sponsor. There is a lot you can learn from their lack of leadership and you can certainly see how you can do so much better with your own organization.

It’s tempting to think about finding another sponsor or finding another company. You certainly have that option, but will it really solve your problem? A lot of people think that it will and they find themselves always looking for something else. In the end the statistics tell us the truth: the odds are that is will NOT make a difference.

Why? Because it’s focusing on the wrong thing.

The only thing that will build your business is you getting into action , learning how to contact prospects in an effective manner and doing it consistently. Having an upline there to hold your hand is nice but it’s not necessary for success – thought it’s nice to have.

Through close , daily contact with a Team of Certified Home Based Business Consultant's like I work with you can learn how to effectively sponsor 5 or more people a month using a process that is as natural as talking with a friend. It’s not magic and you won’t see results overnight. But you can see results quickly. All it takes it to learn some basic skills that will allow you to prospect without manipulating or coming off like some sales stereotype.

In the end, leadership is everyone’s business and the most important leader in your business is you. If you don’t take that to heart, no one else will be able to help you no matter how successful they are.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"What Microsoft, McDonalds & General Motors Know That You Don't . . ."

Just a short time ago Facebook asked one of my mentors to be part of a focus group on advertising.

While Facebook was trying to get information that would help them deliver more effective ads, the theme was very evident... getting results from ads is getting harder.

Martin Lindstrom author of “Buyology” says that most of the advertising out there is ineffective. And he should know, being a part of the largest nero-marketing study in history.

Brain scans on over 2000 volunteers prove that why we buy something isn’t usually for the reason we think it is.

Of course this isn’t anything new to marketing professionals. In fact, that’s why even huge companies like MicroSoft, McDonald’s and Pepsi are desperately trying to find alternatives to mass marketing.

Ads are just not working anymore.

This is great news IF you are in network marketing!


Because network marketing companies are designed to largely bypass the traditional advertising model.

Network marketing is about individual relationships - the duplication of small effective efforts.

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This is why you shouldn’t pay attention to anyone telling you that mass advertising - just getting your message in front of more people - is some kind of secret weapon for growth.

In network marketing it really never was.

Network marketing is about thinking small.

This should come as a huge relief to anyone who thought that they couldn’t build a network marketing business because they didn’t have enough money to promote it.

The key to success in network marketing comes down to the same principle difference between selling painkillers and vitamins.

In the retail world, the sale of painkillers increased by over 600% between 1997 and 2005. Vitamins are estimated to have grown by 12.8% and 71% for this same period. And total sales for pain killers is much larger than the total sales of vitamins.

The reasons for this are many but it’s safe to say that people are much more interested in getting rid of a pain they already have, then they are in preventing one they might have in the future.

For example... Like being able to eliminate having THE PAIN OF  HAVING to buy 10 different supplements to address their health goals and instead just take The 10-In-One Chewable All-Natural Nutritional Supplement by GBG that saves people over $125 monthly AND delivers much better results.

This is a valuable marketing lesson as well.

If you’ve ever felt like an underdog surrounded by wolves because you can’t afford mass marketing, build a web site or get traffic to your blog I have good news!

Even if you could afford it, you’d just be wasting your money.

Let me show you how to use what you already have to find more interested prospects and sign up more business builders.

Friday, March 21, 2014

"How to Understand The Marketing Triangle"..."The Top 3 Things That'll Guarantee Your Marketing Success"

Welcome to this article entitled - "How to Understand The Marketing Triangle"

In this recent article you learned that you don’t have to be a direct marketing expert to be successful in network marketing.

This doesn’t mean that marketing isn’t a factor in your success or that you don’t need any skill. Marketing is a big subject and it’s dangerous to lump all the categories into one basket.

On this blog we have a free report that outlines the role of marketing in general as well as how terms like network marketing, direct marketing and even multilevel marketing (MLM) are not exactly the same thing.

That said, network marketing is still marketing! And as a method of marketing it’s subject to what we call the “marketing Triangle.”

The marketing triangle is basically a master key to marketing of any type. Once you understand these 3 factors and their interaction, you’ll be able to unlock the door to your own marketing success. But even more importantly, you’ll understand what strategies are worth pursuing and what strategies are simply smoke and mirrors.

The marketing triangle is the interaction between your product or service, your target market and your marketing approach.

Now each of these three factors is an important subject in and of itself, but in marketing they really can’t be isolated - they don’t stand alone. Without the other two factors a single factor is irrelevant and meaning less.

Let me explain...

You can have a great product to sell,like this one - in marketing we call this your offer, it can be physical like a product such as GBG's 10-in-One Chewable or virtual like an idea or concept - but regardless of what it is,  unless you have a target market - an audience that wants the benefits of that product and can afford it, you won’t get very far.

And if you have the product and target market you also need to be able to effectively approach your target market - after all, if your target market - the people most likely to respond to your offer - if they don’t know about your offer they can’t buy. At the same time if it costs you too much to reach them - for whatever reason - it’s not profitable to do so.

So, when you get down to it, this marketing triangle explains why some ventures are successful and why some are not. And it holds true in network marketing as well.

You can use this triangle to help you evaluate everything from a company to promote to how to promote it. 

You can even use it to see what makes network marketing such a viable home based business model for so many people like you.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

You DON'T Have To Be A Direct Marketing Expert To Succeed In Network Marketing

Did you know that the Internet has done more to change network marketing than any other technology in the history of mankind?

This might make you think that if you want to succeed you have to put your business online and become an expert in...

- Building Websites
- Search Marketing
- Site Optimization (SEO)
- Social Marketing (Facebook)
- PPC Ads
- Blogging
- Email Campaigns
- Copywriting
- and a whole lot more.

Which begs the question: Whatever happened to the concept of the ‘simple, duplicatable business’ like this one?

Do you really have to be a marketing expert to start earning a real profit in your network marketing business or are you being sold a basic fallacy?

In a previous article I talked about why a network marketing company would pay you.

In this article, I want to address the question I most often get in response to that revelation and that is...
“Do I have to be a marketing expert to make my business work?”

Well in short, NO.

But you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

If you look at the courses on building a network marketing business that have come out in recent years or listen to all the chatter you might believe that you might have to learn how to run a website, do search marketing, site optimization, social marketing, PPC ads and more.

And sadly I’m guilty for contributing to this myself. I’m on record in my publications, courses and campaigns in the late 90’s and early 2000’s for saying that marketing skill is a vital component for success.
and it is...but the devil is in the details.

The reality is that network marketing has changed an awful lot in the internet age. I’ve watched business boom and bust almost overnight as result of this revolution in communication.

It’s easier than ever to get your message out... but it’s also easier than ever to make mistakes, step on the gas, spend a lot of time and money before you realize that you’ve blown your tires but are still in the parking lot!

Which get’s us to the basic fundamental fallacy of needing to be a direct marketing expert in order to build a network marketing business...

The power of network marketing as we mentioned in the 1st article in this series is in relationships and genuine human connections. But if we stop there we are not really capitalizing on what makes network marketing network marketing - duplication.

Without duplication in your business you have a sales business at best. And it may be a good sales business and you might like doing it but it’s not network marketing. You have to be an expert at more than just marketing to get rich this way!

Yet with duplication, you can take what would otherwise be viewed as modest or even insignificant sales and exponentially multiply them to something extra ordinary.

But to get true duplication you need a system and education process that's simple enough to learn quickly - one that let’s you learn as you grow AND without stepping on each others toes by competing in the same venues for clicks and responses.

This is where being a direct marketing starts to break down for network marketing.

In order to be successful in direct marketing you not only have to be able to creatively apply consumer psychology or use triggers and motivating factors to connect with the prospects primary wants... you have to test your ads and approaches to find the right mix. And your have to continually test not just to look for improvements but to adapt to changes in the economy, politics or your competitors.

And while you might be able to learn concepts and theory from a course or even a mentor it’s not something that can be done without a significant budget and the patience to stick it out while you test.
Everyone would be spending a lot of time, effort and money reinventing the wheel... which makes sense if you have created or your own exclusive product but not if you are a distributor for a network marketing company.

Which is my biggest issue with making direct marketing such a large component in a network marketing organization - most people don’t have the time or budget to make this a duplicatable option - not to mention that there is a limited venue for advertising or promoting your offer - so if you did duplicate you would quickly be competing with others in your same company, downline and upline.

Everyone would be spending a lot of time, effort and money reinventing the wheel... which makes sense if you have created or your own exclusive product but not if you are a distributor for a network marketing company.

The good news is that you don’t need to focus on being a direct marketer to make network marketing work.

When you focus on learning how to connect with prospects both cold and warm - focus on building relationships and solving problems you learn some of the most essential elements of direct marketing in the process!

Why? Because creating successful relationships has a lot to do with understanding how people think.

In the group of Certified Home Based Business Consultants & Coaches  I work with , mentoring ordinary people like us to achieve extraordinary success, we focus on teaching marketers how to ask the kind of questions that allow the prospect to relax and reveal their true motivations.

Yeah, we teach about benefits and trigger. We even talk about how to build a website and use email in follow-up. But nothing teaches you how to be a better network marketer than personal contact and interaction.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

So How Do YOU Explain Network Marketing???

Do you ever have trouble explaining network marketing to a prospect or family member? Do you find yourself getting rabbit trailed on percentages or levels?

It's not uncommon for people in a network marketing business to have trouble explaining it. Which is why I'm going to help you get clarity in this article & this one published on this blog earlier.

In this article I explain how network marketing works best - including the role your company and product play as well as the role you and your team play. In the process I also clear up some terminology questions regarding the difference between network marketing and the many other names given to it.

So ...

Is It Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

A lot of people wonder if their business is Network Marketing or MLM, which is short for Multi-Level marketing.

Typically speaking these terms are used synonymously - they are basically used to represent the same thing.

However, they are subtly different. I’ll show you how in a moment... but first lets discuss why there are two names for the same thing.

The network marketing industry... which is what it is typically called now... has a history of calling itself different things.

Even today, you’ll hear marketers say... we’re not MLM, or we’re not Network marketing... and they come up with novel new names to suggest they have some brand new way of doing business.

Why? Because they want to counter ingrained conceptions...

The reason network marketing became a popular term in the mid 1980’s was basically because many people in the general population had a negative association with the term multi-level marketing. And this was primarily due to some of the manipulative and hype laden marketing approaches used in the industry.

A new name might work for a while... but it won’t solve the underlying problems - which is why learning how to build a network marketing business properly is so important.

So let’s get down to what really matters... what is this business all about? We all know the typical organizational chart that starts with you and spreads down.

There’s you... the people you brought in to the business - customers and promoters... and then there’s the people they bring in.

Organizations don’t grow symmetrically like this in the real world by the way...

Most of the time you’ll see this go on for a number of levels and when it’s talked about, it’s usually in terms of earning commision on this network. 5 percent on this level, 10 percent on this one... you know the drill.

But that’s not the complete story... and I think it creates a lot of misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding that will lead you to marketing methods that don’t work for this type of business and create the need to reinvent a name - rather than reinvent the way we do business.

Let me illustrate two sides of how this business really works... at least in the most successful way.

On one side of the equation you have your company... your downline customers purchase a product or service from this company. The company in turn pays you a commission based on some published plan.

=> Click here now to see what a pay plan that's truly fair to you should look like!!!

Now this can happen for each level... which is why we call it multi-level marketing.

On the other side you have the picture of promotion - how does this network get created?

What’s different about network marketing is the level of personalization that’s involved vs. other businesses.

Building a network is a lot more than about making a one time’s about establishing and creating a relationship with the people in your network.

This happens through conversations... not mass marketing. Even if you generate leads through ads or get them from a lead company ... you need to have conversations in order to build these relationships.

 It’s these conversations... and the mentoring on how to have them, that is the network marketing part of the equation.

What you end up with is a network of interpersonal relationships and it’s these relationships that create a customer and product experience that is hard to find in the retail world.

As long as you don’t lose site of this truth... what you call the business really doesn't matter!

If you want to learn more about how to effectively build network marketing relationships without hype or manipulation and work personally with Certified Network Marketing Consultants & Coaches, who are active in the Profession on a daily basis then click HERE now.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to Get Your "foot in the door" with Tough Prospects.

                                    How to Get your "foot in the door" with tough prospects.

How? By asking for small commitments.

* Instead of asking them to change all of their mobiles to your long mobile service, why not ask them to change just one mobile?

* Instead of asking them to try your entire skin care line, why not ask them to try just one product first?

* Instead of asking them to try your nutritional package, why not ask them to try just one item first?

* NOTE: This one REALLY works great when you're dealing with a company that covers ALL your nutritional needs with just 2 products like this one!

* Instead of asking them to commit to becoming a travel rep, why not ask them to take one trip first?

* Instead of joining now, why not ask them to just commit to the opportunity meeting the next evening?...Or maybe getting a FREE Business Overview Kit like this one.

It is easier for prospects to make a mini, trial commitment.

This gives you a chance to prove yourself, and to prove your products and services.

About the Author: Warren Little is a Certified Home Based Business Consultant who is an expert at showing people how to start & operate high profit,high volume home businesses that require very little investment & are 100% recession proof.

MLM/Network Marketing Prospecting - "5 Ways to Tell If Your Bucket Is Leaking"

Imagine you're living in the 1800s in an old farm house. In the backyard is a well. And you need to get water out of that well and bring it into your house to cook your meals.

You lower your bucket, fill it up, carry it into the house. Everybody eats. But one day you discover your bucket has holes in it. Big holes. What would you do?

Well a sensible person would either fill the holes or get a new bucket, right?

Absolutely, but that's not what most network marketers do when it comes to building their down-line. They go to the well (warm and cold markets) every day and try to carry water (prospects) into the house (get them signed up) with a leaky bucket.
They “spill” perfectly good pro.spects all over the ground.
How to Tell if You Have a Leaky Bucket.
I been apart of the leadership of down-lines of over 56,000 people which sold over $27 million of products by making sure our buckets were leak-proof.

=> Here are the FIVE elements every downline-building system MUST have in order to be leak proof.

1- Goal setting system (don't just scribble down some dreams, get a systematic way of setting BIG achievable goals). Are you prospecting without goals? STOP and go back to square one.

2- Reporting and tracking system. One of the biggest “leaks” out there. If you don't track, how do you know how you're doing?

3- Inviting system. Again, you need a systematic, proven system for inviting like this one.

4- Presenting system. A PROFESSIONAL, high-quality, crediblepresentation that overcomes EVERY objection, especially the “Is this a pyramid?” objection like this one.

5- Training system. Now, motivate your team to do steps 1-4.

** And here's the kicker: these steps must be done in order. Skipping a step, forgetting a step, doing a step out of order means more leakage!

So, I ask you - How's your bucket? Any leaks?

CLICK HERE NOW if you'd like to leak-proof your downline-building bucket by connecting with a Team of Certified Success Coaches who have a Proven, Effective, Simple Way for you to QUICKLY begin to build a highly profitable Network Marketing Business.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MLM/Network Marketing's Biggest Secret Fraud You Don't Know That's Limiting Your Experiencing Success

Are you impressed with people showing you checks, account snapshots or telling you how many people would pay them big bucks for advice?

If so, you’re in for a lot of network marketing disappointments.

Here’s why…

Gurus and the 'get-rich-quick' crowd love to use those things to distract their readers from something – usually something big and important. Like a hunter distracts his prey with a lure, they hope you don't notice obvious holes in logic and contradictions.

Here’s a prime example I recently stumbled on…

I heard about a lady that claims that she charges $1,500 an hour for coaching but that she just doesn’t have the time to do very much of it. That didn’t seem right.

I pulled out a calculator and crunched a few numbers...

Here’s what I found:

Coaching just 8 hours a day would net her $12,000 a day. Doing that for just 5 days a week would net $60,000 a week or $270,000 a month. That's more than she actually claims to make! Let’s be real, that’s not exactly a grueling schedule is it? So why not?

By itself this might just make you go "hmmm." But the fact that she also claims to have thousands of people just waiting to shell out the cold cash for her advice should serve as a signal that the hunter is nearby.

Here’s a different angle...

There are people that talk about how stupid it is to contact your warm market or that only idiots buy leads. On the surface that might make sense to some – especially if you’ve called leads without much luck.

However, the solution may actually be a trap…

Generating your own leads sounds like it would make sense. In many ways it does. There is an element of truth that self-generated leads are better quality. But, it’s very misleading.

Generating your own leads has a much larger learning curve than even calling leads or prospecting your warm market. Over 90% who advertise or attempt to generate their own leads never generate over 5 requests! Most spend a lot of money or a lot of time only to end in the same place they started. And those that do generate requests learn real quickly that they aren’t all real prospects.

When you look below the surface you’ll see that what’s actually being taught is that you promote the guru’s product or service. Again, not a bad idea by itself - until you find everyone doing it, the same way, in the same place! That’s like starting a Chinese Restaurant in a strip mall filled only with Chinese Restaurants!

The real master key to success in network marketing is in learning how to communicate with prospects. You MUST understand what emotions and triggers come into play and when. Humans are not simple creatures – so it’s not a simple answer – but it’s not a difficult one either – provided you are able to learn and stay dedicated enough to get through the learning curve.

That’s not something most people will do. Yet that’s precisely what gives network-marketing value! If anyone could (and would) do it, what would it really be worth? About the same as flushing a toilet!

Network marketing companies will pay you for your ability to generate sales. Not for videos you post to YouTube. Not for Tweets, blog posts, Squidoo Pages, Linkedin connections – nothing else except sales. So build your skills, become the leader and stop competing with the hordes of followers.

So do the math, use a little logic - you’ll save yourself some dough and be one step closer to true success.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

"The Tremendous Tax Advantage of Starting or Owning A Home Based Business Right Now!"

Wonder why the people in the picture above are smiling?

It's because they discovered the Best Tax Planning or Tax Avoidance Strategy available to the average person in the USA!!!

Before we get started lets define what a tax refund's where you OVER PAY your tax debt, & the Government uses YOUR money for 12 -14 months making 25 -50% interest on it then gladly gives you ONLY the exact amount your unwittingly over paid .

Now mind you, you get or share in 0% of the HUGE interest they made off YOUR money!


But you can change that starting today IF you take action on what millions of us now & I'm about to teach you.

There are 12 easy, specific actions you can take right NOW, that will slash your taxes EACH & EVERY Year to the legal minimum IF and ONLY IF you own a home based business

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Additional Resources:

"How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed When Starting An Online Business"


Here is #1 of 12
---- ACTION STEP #1 ----

The most “tax-advantaged” category of taxpayers in the U.S. are those of us who actively run a part-time or full-timebusiness out of our homes. 

(We get so many tax breaks as home based business owners  it’s almost unfair to other taxpayers!!!)

If that describes you, you could qualify for enough new, additional tax deductions to increase your tax refund by at least $3,500 - and probably more like $5,000 - per year, beginning this year 

But first things first… If you are reading this article and DON’T own a home based business then Step 1 for you is to start a highly profitable home based business TODAY!

( CLICK HERE NOW to read my article and watch a short video on how to choose the right high profit , high volume, home-based business for YOU.)

There are three PREREQUISITES you must meet in order to qualify for any of the special home-business deductions.

Here they are: 

Number 1.  Work your business on a “regular and consistent basis.”  That’s Tax Code language.  It means work your business at least 5 - 10 hours a week, week-in and week-out.  

(Make notes on your calendar or day planner to prove it.)  

Number 2.  Show a profit for your business on your tax return, OR be able to prove you are working towards making a profit.

* NOTE: Again the best way to make consistent profits quickly & sustain them long term is by choosing  the right home based business.

Either one is acceptable. 

If your business is losing money for multiple years in a row, consult Chapter 8* for a list
of actions you can take to “prove” profit-intent in this book by clicking here now.

Number 3. Keep IRS-compliant records. 

This is not difficult, but it IS important!

In article #4 of this 12-part series I will make some recommendations to you that will
insure that record keeping is painless taken from a great book by my friend R. Mueller, yet the records themselves will be IRS-Compliant.

Do you meet these three requirements?

IF YES, watch for the next 11 articles in this series of 12. 

IF NO, COULD you meet them?
a. If NO, you can only refer others who want to start a home based business now to this series about “The Tax Advantages of Starting or Owning Your Own Home Based Business”

 b. If YES, start doing so now. Then read the next 11 articles in this series of 12.

Watch for the next article in this series coming to this blog soon!

The title will be, “The Tax Advantage of Starting or Owning A Home Based Business - #2”

Please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s definitely appreciated. :-D

To YOUR success,
- WL

About the AuthorWarren Little is an expert at showing people how to operate high profit,high volume home businesses that require very little investment & are 100% recession proof.

Phone - 406-662-1861

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Network Marketing | MLM Training Tip:"What A Prospect Really Wants to Know"

So what information does the prospect for your network marketing really want to know?

 Ah, there is the million-dollar question.

 In order for a prospect to make an immediate decision to:

     1. Say he wants to join your business,

     2. Say he doesn't want to join your business,

     3. Or, to maybe have a question or two,

 You must answer three basic questions.

 That's it!

 At this point in your career, your prospect only
 wants the answers to three basic questions.

 If you answer these three questions, your prospect will
 have enough information to make a decision.

 And if the decision is to join your business, all
 of those other facts, figures, and information
 can be learned later on in training.

     ==> Simple, yes?

 So let's take a look at question #1.

 Question #1:

    "What kind of business are you in?"

 Would you ever join a business if you didn't know
 what kind of business it was?

 Of course not.

 And if you were confused or unclear about what type
 of business you were asked to join, you still
 wouldn't join.

 We must be perfectly clear what type of business
 we are in or our prospects will delay their decision
 because we didn't answer this question clearly.

 I bet you have heard your prospect say:

     "I got to think it over."

 So what type of business are you in?

 Insurance? Sport fishing? Farming? Mechanical
 repair? Circus performing? Soldier of fortune?
 Landscaping? Nuclear medicine? Shoe repair?

 Your prospect wants to know.

A buddy of mine was in Sweden about 10 years ago
when he asked a  networker:

     "What type of business are you in?"

 He replied:

      "I am in the global search for entrepreneurial
       talent, for time freedom and financial freedom,
       whereby they can enhance their efforts through
       multiple streams of residual income, thereby
       improving their lifestyle . . ."

 Well, you get the idea.

 No wonder this networker was having a hard time
 sponsoring. The prospects had no idea what kind
 of business he was offering!

 How do you describe your business?

 Do you say:

      "I am a distributor with the Wonderful
       Company, from the Wonderful City, started in
       the wonderful year of 1991 by Mr. Wonderful
       who is a wonderful, wonderful family man,
       and we have wonderful products, wonderful
       employees, wonderful shipping, wonderful
       uplines, wonderful blah, blah, blah . . ."

 Or do you say:

       "I am in the skin care business."

 (And the prospect thinks you make bandages for
 cuts, or maybe you do skin grafts.)

       "I am in the health and wellness business."

 (And the prospect thinks that you change bed pans
 at the local nursing home.)

       "I am in the financial services industry."

 (And the prospect thinks that you are a bank

 If you don't know how to describe your business,
 here is an easy way that should help.

      "Which means."

 When you describe your business, you should use
 the "which means" words to connect your business
 to one of your products or services. This helps
 the prospect understand exactly what you do in
 your business.

 Want an example?

 Try this:

      "I am in the skin care business which means
       that we have this wonderful moisturizer that
       makes your skin look 20 years younger in
       only 45 seconds a day."

      "I am in the health and wellness business
       which means that we have a 10-in-One Chewable
       Vitamin & Mineral Formula which tastes delicious!

       It's 10 powerful formulas in one!

  1. Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Formula with Essential Daily Value Nutrients
  2. Cardiovascular Formula* for a Healthy Heart!
  3. Anti-Stress Formula* for today's Hectic Lifestyles!
  4. Super-Antioxidant Formula* with Age-Defying Nutrients!
  5. Immune Enhancer Formula* to Defend Your Body at the Cellular Level!
  6. Memory and Mood Enhancing Formula* with proven "Feel Good" Neuro-Nutrients
  7. Energizer Formula* naturally, with No Harsh Stimulants!
  8. Digestive Aid Formula* with Pure Aloe Concentrate!
  9. Bone & Joint Formula* with Sulfur-Rich MSM!
  10. Vision Support Formula* with the Powerful Benefits of Lutein and More!
        Or if you are in the financial services industry you might say;
 "I am in the financial services industry
       which means that we help families lower
       their mortgage, credit card, and car
       payments so that they have more money for
       fun things and retirement."

 See the difference? Now your prospect knows
 exactly what kind of business you are in.

 Don't forget those magic words, "which means," as
 they will guide you to a better description of
 the type of business you are in.

 ==> Now for question #2.

I will see you in a few days.

So be looking for my next article on this subject in a few days where I'll share with you  the second question the prospect needs to know to make an IMMEDIATE decision to join your business.

It is going to be easy :)

Until then...  Happy prospecting!