The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed When Starting An Online Business"

How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed When Starting An Online Business

Pardon the cartoon, but I thought it was fitting for today’s blog post… lol

I had interesting day today… my phone didn’t stop ringing, and most of the calls were from people I’d never met who wanted to talk to me about online business.

Each of the people I talked to had recently started a business and were trying to learn to market their business online. But they were feeling overwhelmed by the technology and learning curve, and they were afraid that they didn’t have the skillset they needed to move forward.

After the third phone call, I felt like I needed to share a really important message.

3 Things You Need To Know About Online Marketing:

  • Everyone feels overwhelmed when they first start marketing online.
  • Everyone is scared that they don’t have the right skillset.
  • Everyone feels directionless and confused about what to do next.
Heck, sometimes I still do.

Online Marketing Works And It’s Worth Learning

Let me first just say, that online marketing works and that it is well worth getting past the initial overwhelm. I wandered around on the internet for two years before I made any money… Ya it sucked sometimes, but I learned a ton about marketing (and about myself I should add). And after all that learning, I eventually figured a few things out – most importantly, how to make a living online.

When it comes to online marketing, remember this Chinese proverb: “To get through the hardest journey we need only to take one step at a time but we must keep stepping.”

Think of your education on online marketing the way you would think about getting a university degree… You can’t cram everything into your head all at once! Learn one thing (how to write articles for example), and then apply it to your business. Get good at one marketing strategy before you move on to the next.

Otherwise you’ll just suck at a whole lot of things, instead of being good at any of them. And that is a surefire way to make zero money.

Focus Focus FOCUS

avoid getting overwhelmedWhen you first get started online, you’re going to get absolutely bombarded with business opportunities, ebooks, courses and various other bright shiny objects.

You have to make the very conscious decision to shut out all of the noise and FOCUS. The surest way to fail is to be pulled in too many directions.

Pick one business, and then pick one strategy to market it.

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Go At Your Own Pace

Everyone learns at a different speed. If you just recently learned how to turn on a computer, don’t expect to be an online guru overnight.

If you’re overwhelmed by WordPress, autoresponders, Facebook Pages, article marketing, SEO and PPC… it’s OK. I’ll even go a step further and say it’s NORMAL.

Recognize that everyone had to learn how to use Aweber. If other people have done it, you can too.

Plus, you’re getting started at an amazing time – everything comes with video training so you can just watch and copy.

Rather than saying “that’s too complicated” or “I’ll never get it,” develop the attitude that you’re going to learn it. Period.

Be Consistent

If you’re going to make money online with a blog, you’re going to have to be consistent and post just about every day in the beginning. If you start off strong and blog for a week, then give up because you have writer’s block or don’t have time to write… well, your online career will be over as quickly as it began.

Remember, you learned how to speak a language, read and write, ride a bike, drive a car and tie your shoe laces… all those things seemed complicated once too, but now they’re second nature.

Stay consistent and the same will be true of your online business before you know it.

Find A Mentor

When I first started, I didn’t know anything about online marketing AT ALL.

I set up a free Live website, a Wix site, a Site Build It site, a crappy GoDaddy page, Squidoo lenses and free blogs searching for the answer. I could have avoided that entire learning curve if I had found the right mentor right from the start.

Luckily about a year into my online “education” I found a great mentor, bought his course for $500 and finally found the direction I had been lacking. Which leads me to my next point…

Don’t Be Cheap

That doesn’t mean you should buy every guru product you come across, but good information usually comes at a price. Don’t cheap out on yourself when it comes to quality education.

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If there was a university degree program for Internet Marketing (which there isn’t), it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, online marketing education is a whole lot more affordable, and you can earn while you learn by implementing what you’re learning.

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Never Quit

The only people I know who don’t make it in this industry are the ones who give up. They get overwhelmed, they find excuses.

But for the people who just won’t give up, a whole new world of freedom awaits. I won’t tell you it’s easy, only that if you keep at it, it will be worth it.

If nothing else, I hope you realize that everyone has a learning curve when they first start trying to market their business online. Follow these tips and you may not avoid being overwhelmed, but it should help to know that you’re not alone, and that the feeling won’t last forever :)

To YOUR Success,
Warren Little

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Why Your Network Marketing Company Website Makes You NO Money"

Why YOUR Network Marketing/MLM Company Website Sets You Up to Fail!

If you are in a Network Marketing company or an affiliate program and you’re relying only on the company website and other resources to help you promote your product and make sales, you may be in for a big surprise!
The purpose of this blog post  is to help you understand 3 very important reasons why your company website is NOT designed to make you sales on autopilot!
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Most people were really appreciative of this free giveaway, but I had a handful of people who emailed me back and said, “I don’t really need my own website.  My network marketing or mlm company gives me a replicated website and I’m just going to use that”.
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Additional Resources:

"How to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed When Starting An Online Business"

==============================================================Unfortunately, this is not a good idea so I figured I’d better make a video and a blog post to explain why!
1:  It’s NOT Branded to You
who are youYour business is not a your product or your opportunity.  It may be an income stream, but it is not your business.  Your business is YOU.  It’s the the audience you have.  It’s the trust and rapport that you have with people and it’s the way people perceive you (aka – your personal brand).
If you’re only sending people over to your company website, you’re branding the company and not yourself.    The truth is that people don’t join your business.  They join YOU.  Unfortunately, just having a good product or a good opportunity is not enough to make you successful (otherwise everybody would be killing in your company).
The way to make selling and recruiting easier and objection-free is for your prospects to perceive you as a person with authority.  When you have your own website that builds your personal brand first, recruiting and selling actually becomes much easier.

2:  Your Company Website is Not Designed to Convert Cold Traffic

If you don’t believe this statement is true, I dare you to go buy 1000 clicks from Facebook and just send cold traffic straight to your company website and see what happens.  I bet you’d be throwing your money away.  Here’s why … The first rule of marketing is that you have to put the right message in front of the right audience (it’s called message to market match).

Your company’s products/opportunity probably appeal to a wide range of people and so they have to create a website that tries to appeal to everyone.  But with direct response marketing to cold traffic, if you try to talk to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.
Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.  Let’s say you’re in a health and wellness MLM company, for example.  How many different targeted audiences might be interested in what you have to offer?
Well, you have people who are interested in the business opportunity and then you also have a separate group of people who would be interested in the benefits of the health products.  But each of those groups can even be broken down further.  People interested in making money might include a busy CEO who wants to replace his income so he can spend more time with his family.  On the other hand, it might also include the stay-at-home mom who just wants to make a few extra hundred dollars per month (and everything in between).
Then, when it comes to the product, you have people who might be interested in losing weight.  Others who want to have more energy.  And another group altogether who is interested in increased athletic performance (and this is just to name a few of the audiences you could target).
Would you talk to each of these people the same?  No.  Of course not.  You would have a different message for each group that would pre-sell them on your product/company before they ever get to your mlm company website.  In sales and marketing, this is called framing.  You have to put a frame around the offer so that your prospect understands what meaning to take from the events that happen next.
Your website is the place where can do that … where you can talk to each targeted group separately and pre-frame them BEFORE they ever get to your MLM company website.   (If you want FREE help setting up your own website in less than 20 minutes, be sure to grab this FREE information.

3:  Competition

The third and final reason why you don’t want to rely only on your MLM company or affiliate website is because you have thousands of other distributors and reps who are promoting the exact same thing as you.
So even if your company website is designed to convert cold traffic into leads and sales, why should somebody buy from YOU over the thousands of other people in your exact same company?  When you have your own website with your own content that you own and control, you set yourself apart from the 99% of lazy affiliates and distributors who just rely on the company materials.
When your website visitor hits a custom landing page with a message that’s targeted to their specific wants and needs and desires (and it’s a unique page they’ve never seen before), you drastically reduce the bounce rate and have a much higher chance of converting that visitor into a lead (and ultimately a sale).

Understanding The Mind of Your Website Visitor

As I wrap up this post, allow me to explain exactly what happens when you send cold traffic straight to your Network Marketing/MLM company’s website.  Everyone who lands on your company website is going to fall into one of two categories:  1.  People who have heard of your product/opportunity before and 2. people who have not heard of it before.
For the people who have heard it, here’s what happens.  They land on your network marketing or mlm company website, they see the name of the product/company and they say to themselves, “oh this … I already know what this is and I’m not interested”.
For the people who have not heard of it, 99% of them do NOT browse the company website for information … do you know what they do?  They turn to their good friend Google and they type in “YOUR COMPANY NAME Review”.  And what do they find?
They either find a really good marketer and they buy from them instead of you or they find some guy in South Dakota who says it’s a scam.  And now, “Scam” is the pre-frame they use to wrap meaning around your product or opportunity because you were too lazy to give them a proper pre-frame of your own before sending them to the company site.

Bonus Tip!

Your main objective when marketing online should always be this:  Raise curiosity while simultaneously lowering resistance.  If you try to send cold traffic straight to your company website, not only does it NOT work, you’ve just lowered all curiosity.  You told them exactly what your thing is without them having to go through you at all.  You’ve effectively removed yourself from the sales process completely (and not in a good way).
So not only is all of the curiosity gone, you’ve also raised a ton of resistance, because they know you’re trying to sell them something (and now their guard is up).
When you have your own website that builds your personal brand, you have a channel where you can provide value and goodwill to your visitors before you ever ask them for money.  This lowers resistance, positions you as a credible authority and ultimately makes them more receptive to your sales message (which means more leads and sales)
Did you like this marketing advice?   If so, make sure you comment below and share this post with your friends …
To your success!
Warren Little

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Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...
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Monday, March 28, 2016

"Why People Really Buy The Things They Buy"

So why do people buy?
It’s the “golden question” that every business owner and marketer should know the answer to.
There’s obviously more than one, but let’s talk about one of the main reasons why people buy.
Before I tell you what it is, let me talk to you about something we sometimes forget, especially when we set up our marketing messages and crank out our campaigns. You may get so excited to share the Elite Marketing Pro system, or your own product, or whatever you’re promoting, that you forget this fact:
People do NOT want to be sold.

They don’t want anybody to come into their lives and sell them anything.
On the other hand, though…

Everyone likes to buy

The reason this is the case is because when we feel we’re being sold to, we feel like we have no control over the situation; we feel like we’re being manipulated. This is why most people don’t like to deal with salespeople.
Now, you may because you’re in sales and marketing, but most of the population doesn’t like to talk with salespeople.
Think about when you walk into a store and a salesperson comes up to you and says, “Hi, can I help you?” Your immediate response is, “No thanks, I’m just looking.
That’s an instant response; you don’t even think about it.
Even if you are interested in something, most of the time you’ll still say, “No thank you, I’m just looking.” We don’t want to be put in that situation where somebody is going to influence us or try to sell us something.
On the other hand, we all like to buy because when we look at something, and we get excited about it, and we decide to buy it, we feel we’re in control of the situation. That’s the flip side of the coin.

How do you get people excited about buying?

How do you make people feel they’re in control of the situation, and are not being sold to?

That is the challenge. People want to do business with those who are real, and they don’t want to do business with those who are insincere or not authentic.
It happens in every industry, but especially in the online marketing industry, where there is so much hype and so much stuff that looks fake, and people are simply turned off by it. You need to understand that people are skeptical when they look at your capture pages and your offers.
Even though they want what you may have, they’re still skeptical.
Because they’ve been burned before and they don’t want to be burned again. We all can understand that and relate to it because we’ve all been in that situation. We’ve all been burned by something or someone, so we all have that inner skeptic within us when we’re looking for something. You need to understand that.
So how do you turn that skepticism off and get people to like you and trust you?
Basically you do it by making yourself real and authentic.
This is the real reason why people will buy from you.
They will buy from you if they like and trust you.
They will NOT buy from you if they don’t like and trust you.
It’s that simple.
Your goal, then, is to create that unshakable trust, to build rapport with your list, with your audience, with your prospects, and do this as quickly as humanly possible.
It’s not going to happen in an instant. It’s not going to happen with a magic phrase, with a headline, with a bullet point, even with compelling copy.
You can do certain things in your copy to build that trust, but it’s not going to happen instantaneously. Trust takes time. Think about the people in your life that you like and trust. It took time for you to develop that; it didn’t happen instantaneously.

Your goal is to create trust.

I’ll give you an example. Back when I was selling face to face in direct sales, it was a lot easier, because I would walk into the house and have that conversation. You can create that trust pretty quickly because you’re there talking face to face. You can ask them questions and you can read their body language and develop some common ground.
When you do it online, it takes much longer.
What’s the best way to do it? In my opinion, it’s with…
Email marketing.
Emails allow you to consistently communicate with your prospects and over time create that relationship and start developing that trust.
Now, just because you’re sending emails, that doesn’t mean that people are going to read them. Just because they read some, that doesn’t mean they’re going to take action, or that you’re going to build any kind of relationship with them.
You have to write your emails in a certain way to get people interested and excited about reading them.
Listen below to get some critical points on how to do just that:
This is a huge topic, so there is no way we can cover it all here, but read on and I’m going to give you some basic points as a guideline…

#1 Write To One Person

The first thing you want to understand about writing emails is that you are writing to ONE person.
They need to feel like they’re just talking to you, or that you’re just talking to them.
Even though the email you’re writing is going to a list of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people, you’re still writing to that one person, and they need tofeel that.

#2 Create a Conversation

The second concept is creating personal conversations, and you do that through conversational writing. Your email is basically a conversation that you’re having with that one person.
To help you write an email in that tone, imagine that you’re sitting across a table or a living room from that person. Imagine that person sitting there, and imagine you’re having a conversation with them.
This is very, very important.
If you write like you’re writing an English paper for your high school English teacher to grade, nobody will be interested in reading that, because it’s going to sound fake.
You’re not writing a novel, you’re not writing a book, you’re having a conversation.
If you look at the emails that I write, they break all the rules of writing, and they have quite a few grammatical errors in them. That is on purpose; I do it because it makes it sound real. It makes it sound like I’m a real human being, because that’s how people talk.
Write like you talk.

#3 Forget The Pitch Fest

The third point is, you can’t just be pitching in your emails. Every single one of us is on so many lists, and so many of them do nothing but pitch and try to sell us something. There is nothing wrong with selling—we are in a field of business—but if all you do in your email is sell, people will get turned off by that.
If you do it once or twice, or if you do it now and again, that’s okay. But if you do it every single day, would you look forward to opening an email every single day that just simply pitches something and adds zero value to your life?
If you know the subject is always going to be another sale, or some other “hyped up” email about a system that makes money, will you keep reading or unsubscribe?
If every email is a pitch, you will lose your readership very, very quickly.
Your emails cannot be just all sales and pitches. I don’t know what the percentage is, but I would say at least 80%, maybe even 85% of the emails that I write don’t sound like a pitch or a sales presentation.
However, if you look at every single one of them, they always have a link that either leads to a product offer, or to a blog post, and within that blog post, there is an offer.
We’re always selling something, it’s just that we approach it in a different way.

#4 Inform + Entertain

Which leads me to my fourth point, you sell through infotainment—you’re entertaining people coupled with information.
Why? Because we like to be entertained!
This is why we watch movies and TV. We watch shows, we follow sports; we want entertainment.
In fact, we crave entertainmentIt is a desire, a need we all have:
We must be entertained!
This is why people who say they are “busy” will get on Facebook. They notice a video or some picture and they click on it, and the next thing you know they’re surfing through it for 15 or 20 minutes, because the desire to be entertained is on a subconscious level.
When you send out something that is entertaining, you’re almost guaranteed readership. If people are just clicking out of curiosity, that’s not the point; you want your emails to actually provoke their curiosity.
You want to put something out there that grabs their interest, that intrigues them. Couple that with entertainment and information, and you will have a great email.
Curiosity + Intrigue + Entertainment + Information = Great Email!
The absolute best way to do that is with stories.
Most of the emails that I write contain some kind of story. When I say stories, I’m not talking about writing a book or a script for a movie. We’re not talking about long-winded stories.
If your stories are long winded, work to make them shorter, because nobody is going to sit there and read very long emails unless they’re extremely engaged. Some people will be, but for the most part they won’t, so tell short stories.

Use Your Life As Inspiration

The reason stories work so well is because we’re hardwired to pay attention to stories. One example that I always like to use is an email I wrote a few years ago. The subject line was…
“Eggs and Salmon All Over my Garage.”
It was this quick story about my dog getting into the refrigerator in the garage and he got to the eggs and salmon. I opened the door and saw cracked eggs, egg shells, and yolks dripping down from the top shelf of the refrigerator and some salmon laying around.
It was an entertaining story, but the point of it was that a dog is a dog. It’s a dog’s nature that if he sees food, he’s going to go after it.
There’s also human nature, and just like a dog is going to be a dog, people are people, and if you want to sell to people, you’d better understand human nature, and I tied that into a copywriting product.
I didn’t start with selling the copywriting product, I started with an engaging and entertaining, funny story about my dog getting into the refrigerator.
What can your stories be about? Your stories can be about your family, they can be about your kids, your pets, your neighbors, your relatives; just everyday stuff.
Literally, the stuff that happens to you every day – find ways to write that into your emails.
It is a skill that is going to take some time to develop. You’re not just going to sit down in the beginning and immediately write a blockbuster email that’s going to engage everybody.
But if you do it every single day, and if you practice, just like you practice anything else in life, you will get good at it, and you will start seeing results.

Take The Challenge

I want to challenge you to start writing for the next 30 days.
If you want to take up this challenge for the next 30 days, write an email every single day to your list.
NOTE: If you don't know how to build an email list to educate & market to this FREE Resource will help you=>
I don’t care how big your list is, or how small your list is, or even if you don’t have a list, just write it and save it on your computer. If you start building your list, if you don’t have a list already, then you can start using those for your autoresponder when you build your list.
Write one every single day.
Take 30 minutes, or maybe it will take you an hour, I don’t know. In the beginning it will be longer, but it will get to a point where you can do it very quickly.
Write one every single day for the next 30 days, and watch as your skill of writing emails improves, so will your results!
And, if you’d like a shortcut to maximizing your email marketing effectiveness, pick up our 100% free report, where we reveal our proven email marketing secrets to create cash on demand by clicking HERE NOW!
You’ll discover how to quickly implement five specific email marketing strategies that near-instantly create rapport, build trust, and convert your prospects into customers today!

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To YOUR Success,

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