The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Which Would You Prefer This Time NEXT Year?"

Quick question for ya...
Six months from now... would you rather be in the exact same position you're in today? Or earning extra income every month with a simple business you just "recently" started?
It's an easy answer isn't it?

Right now, you have a GOLDEN opportunity to do something that can not only change your short term future, but your life as well. This opportunity is taking off and the long term potential is just HUGE for those who become a part of it.

So why sit back and do NOTHING?? Look...
The Dr OZ Home Business Team has 1000's of ordinary people whoa are  living proof of what this business can do for you.

So are all of the other regular men and women earning REAL income, month after month, aligned with this powerhouse company and our breakthrough system.
In short...
  • The demand.
  • The reputation.
  • The system.
  • The results.
It's all here. With us, you can work less... and earn more!

What have you got to lose?

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

"How You Can Benefit From The Power Of Residual Income"

The Power of Residual Income 
By: Warren Little

Have you been dreaming of a time when you can finally live life completely on your own terms?

Perhaps travel to Hawaii if you desire, or spend a week or two during the holidays, doing nothing but having fun with family and taking it easy?

When you think about the life that you want to live, does it include more free time to do the things you love, or does it look like what you’re doing now? Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you long to be the boss of your own life, calling the shots as you dictate and somehow being able to financially make all of your dreams come true.

Does this picture perfect life of yours include a 9 to 5 job, with hours spent making money for someone else and just a little more than half of the fruits of your labor ending up in your own bank account?

Do you want out of this rat race, where every promotion means more money to share with your CEO and the government, and longer days spent in the office for you?

On THIS BLOG, we’ll teach you the power of residual income, and how you can finally have the time, peace of mind, and luxuries that you’ve always wanted. I’ll show you how residual income works and how to use it to your advantage.

So what is Residual Income?
It's benefits from work you do once & get paid for over and over and over again. Residual income is income that’s yours to enjoy for the life of the product that you’re selling, or for as long as the information you have provided is used by consumers.

Examples of residual income include:
  • EBooks and digital content that are written once, and then sold multiple times online
  • Real estate that you own, with rents being collected on a regular basis
  • Royalties from an invention that you created
  • Network Marketing ( WHICH IS THE FASTEST & EASIEST WAY INTO PROFITABILITY) in which subscribers, or a customer base, continuously purchase products from you, year after year, or month after month...
You may have heard the term passive income, which is similar to residual income except that passive income is money earned on extreme “auto-pilot” mode. It’s recurring income that is yours for the taking, with someone else literally doing most of the work to put that money in your wallet.

If you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning with visions of complete freedom, actually LIVING your life instead of waiting for that one day where you’ll get to live on your own terms, passive income is a phrase that you should ingrain your brain right now, and paste all over your vision board (you do have a vision board, right?)

Passive income yields the highest profits for the littlest amount of effort, and it sure beats dragging yourself to a cubicle every day.

Examples of passive income include:
  • Becoming a world-famous author, and having agents and PR people promote your ingenious prose
  • Buying an apartment building or commercial real estate complex, and hiring a manager to take over management duties for you
  • Buying an established website that ranks well on Google, and already has hundreds of sponsors in the wings, or other businesses ready to advertise your brilliant content
  • A MLM or Leveraged Network Marketing company, in which you hire & train effective leaders to promotel the products you’ve introduced them to and to recruit other like-minded business people into the income opportunity.
You can see that residual income, and ultimately passive income, will allow you to spend most of your time letting someone else do the work that lines your pocketbook with riches, instead of the other way around.

The power of residual income lies in the premise that you are the business owner, and you are building something substantial, that will supply you with all of the financial success and stability you need to last you well into retirement and beyond.

You do want to own your own business, right? I’ll bet that want to make money and enjoy life, without all of the day-to-day “stuff” that goes along with most business opportunities.

That’s where Network Marketing comes in. No more worrying about making ends meet. No more wondering if your job will be there tomorrow. No more dealing with employers who demand too much and offer little in return.

It’s your turn to be the creator of your own life.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Ask 100 People This! . . ."

Ask 100 people if they'd rather
A. Work for a boss
B. Work at home for themselves
... and you'll probably be able to count the number of people who answered A on one hand. 

But ask that same 100 people how they currently make money, and you'll probably get the opposite result. The overwhelming majority... work for a boss!
So what gives? Why do so many people prefer A -- but do B??
I'll tell you...
It's because they don't think they have the time... the money... or the experience to succeed working from home.
Is that what you think too? That you don't have the time, money, or experience to be your own boss?
Well then... I'm going to bet you haven't seen THIS!

Hurry! Make sure you watch the short video while it's still online. Watch Video

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"5 Secrets About Residual Income That Will Change Your Life!"

1. Your one time investment of time and energy can pay you for a lifetime.
2. The residual income business model allows your money to compound over time.
3. Some of the most successful and highly paid people in the world leverage this business model.
4. Residual income streams can quickly be turned into passive income streams IF you choose the right one!
5. You no longer have to rely on a business model that requires you to be “working” to make money.
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Monday, November 10, 2014

"Why You've GOT TO BE HUNGRY To Achieve Massive Success"

In this insightful video from renowned Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Coach Les Brown he explains why you have to be hungry to experience massive success.

This is especially true , not only in life but even more so if you own or are looking to start a profitable home based business.

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About the Author: Warren Little is an expert at showing people how to operate high profit,high volume home businesses that require very little investment & are 100% recession proof.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

"The Less You Know The Less You Earn In Business!"

The less you know the less you earn…

The Dr OZ Home Business Team just recently completed a study on how people choose a network marketing company.

The results shed a serious light on the extremely high failure rate in this industry.

It turns out that the average network marketer spends more time researching a new computer of cell phone plan than they do the network marketing company they join.

The result is that you have approximately 93% of the 18 Million people involved in network marketing in North America that don’t understand it’s basic function much less it’s legal and marketing boundaries.

They say that, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” But when it comes to network marketing (or any kind of marketing) that’s dead wrong.

For example…

If you believe that network marketing is the best method for any company to get their products to consumers… you’ve fallen for propaganda and are likely to make marketing mistakes based on your assumptions.

If you believe that once you build it you can walk away… you might be shocked to learn that based on history, 9 out of 10 offers promoted today will be gone in 24 months.

The bottom line is that if you don’t take the time to educate yourself about the reality of network marketing you probably won’t see the fruits of your efforts. With 90% of our industry filled with charlatans and exaggerators, it takes special effort to uncover the true jewels.

And making a wrong decision in network marketing won’t just leave you out of your share of the billions paid each year in commissions… it will likely mean that you lose a significant amount of money while wasting your time chasing something that never had a chance.

* NOTE: For further clarity CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE ON THIS BLOG ENTITLED "How To Choose The Right Home Business Model For YOU!"

Lasting success in network marketing comes down to a simple rule: value. What real value do you add or bring to your customer? What value do you bring to your company? Could they do what you do more cost effectively in-house? All things being equal, why should anyone do business with you rather than someone else?

99% of network marketers can’t answer those questions. Those that can are the ones that can write their own ticket and enjoy the long-term success of their business. If you’d rather be in the latter, The Dr OZ Home Business Team can definitely help you!

We’ve prepared a special 7 day training program designed for anyone that’s been following the party line, spending a lot on money and a lot of time but still not making any positive progress.

Best part it’s almost free!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dr. OZ Home Business Team- "Why Most Rookies Fail In The Home Business Profession"

A couple of years ago I read a superb book called Talent is Overrated. I definitely recommend it to you.

The author dug deep. He analyzed the old argument of talent vs. effort. 

In a nutshell… effort won every single time.

One key that all elite performers use is tracking—being able to analyze your success in an endeavor.

Elite athletes know, if nothing else is changed in their training regimen, they’ll make the biggest gains just by tracking their results.

Think about it. Just tracking results, and not changing a thing, enables athletes to make greater gains in their particular training—whether it’s weights, speed or agility training.

The reason: they have a standard to measure themselves against.

Well, How’s This Relevant to Network Marketers?

You need to track your performance too. If you want to be a successful network marketer, you must view yourself as an elite performer.

All elite performers have a way to measure themselves and create what’s called a “baseline standard”. This term sets the bar, so to speak. It gives you your current level of performance. 

Once you know how you’re currently performing, you can then set your sights on achieving more!

This is so important and it’s something I did… and still do… to achieve breakthrough success.

Not only will tracking reveal your “baseline standard”, it also uncovers your weaknesses.

Let me explain:

Let’s say you set 13 appointments, but you have zero presentations.

What’s the problem here?

Not the fact that you’re making appointments. You’re just not able to convert an appointment into a presentation. So you’re dead in the water before you even get started.

With just a little tracking, you’ll see your weakness and you’ll be able to concentrate on improving that area. Then after more tracking, you may see your number of presentations rise to 6 out of 13.

It’s less than a 50% conversion rate, but in reality, it’s a 600% increase! You’ll not find one business owner on the planet who wouldn’t want a 600% increase.

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention...Again!
Knowing these things to be true, The Dr OZ Home Business Team uses a tool for all of our team… and now I’m sharing it with you.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"The Magic Of Network Marketing" with Les Brown and Eric Worre

Before you watch this video ,get away from ALL distractions!

You may want to ask yourself before you begin, are you addicted to "powerlessness" that comes from being an employee?

Hard questions I know but... one everyone NEEDS to be willing to ask themselves!

After watching this video you'll find the solution to your dilemma
below IF you choose to join those in the lifestyle of TRUE FREEDOM!!!

Enjoy . . .

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About the Author: Warren Little is an expert at showing people how to operate high profit,high volume home businesses that require very little investment & are 100% recession proof.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Dr OZ's Home Business Team - "How To Leave Phone Messages That Get Results"

You’ve gotten your downline associate over his/her telephone fear. You are both prepped and ready for him/her to make the first prospect call. You’ve got a plan to invite someone to look at a video, listen to a conference call, or attend a live meeting.

You watch them dial. Voice mail. What do they do?

MACHINE: “After the beep, leave your message.”     
YOUR ASSOCIATE: “Hi… uh… I was just calling to… I’ll just try later.”

You cringe. They suffer embarrassment. Didn’t you say they were prepared; that you were ready? They were prepared alright, for a live person!

Not a pretty sight! Not too inspiring or confidence-building; not going to create reach your way that way, no way.

Practice, practice, practice

Right now is a good time to learn what to do right, and what to practice until they are never surprised again by an answering machine or a voice mail service. This is how you do it:
  1. Leave yourself a message.
  2. Listen to it.
  3. Listen to how you sound.
  4. Decide what to do better.
  5. Make another test.
  6. Make more corrections and do it again… and again… and again. 
  7. Practice with them until both you and they are satisfied that they can leave a message that sounds great every time, inspires confidence, and creates reach.

Warm Market Call Style

warm marketWarm market calls (to people you already know) usually get responses — they know the caller, and vagueness is okay:

ASSOCIATE: “Hey, it’s me. Give me a shout out when you can.”
Keep it light and try not to sound like a different person. Here are six examples:

“Hi John. This is Warren. How are you? I’m calling to talk a little business with you… “
“Hi John. Warren here. Give me a call. I’ve got something I want to run past you… “
“Hi John. Warren here… haven’t talked in a while. I’d like to catch up on what you’ve been up to and run something by you… “

“Hi John. This is Warren. Hey man, something’s come across my desk that you may find interesting… “

“Hi John, this is W.K., we’ve not talked in a VERY long time. Give me a call when you can. I want to hear about what you’ve been up to…. “

Just be yourself. 
“Hey John, did you see the ‘HURRICANES beat up on the Bulldogs? I’m calling to rub it in a little…
“… I want to talk a little business with you… “

Cold Market Call Style

Cold market calls (to people you know) will respond to authority. Position yourself as a leader in your field, but gently:
“Hi! I’m calling for John Smith. John, you filled out a questionnaire indicating your interest in a home business. I’m calling with regard to that. I’d like to get to know you a little bit and find out what you had in mind to see if it’s a fit with what I have. Let me give you my number…”
Long-winded messages or very short messages are not recommended.

*There is a difference in the last half of the message, however. 
The last part of the message should ALWAYS be the same. Let me repeat that: The last part of the message should ALWAYS BE THE SAME!

The Last Part of the Message:

“… let me give you my number 888.888.8888. I’ll give that to you again, 888.888.8888. Look forward to talking with you.”

Varying the last part of your message could prove a costly mistake, because the prospect may not have your number. You must repeat it, because he may not have heard it the first time, or the message was not recorded properly.

Assume the worst phone connection and never make the mistake of a poor message, or that your prospect already has your number.
I should just change my voicemail greeting to: "Please hang up and text me."
A little humor, okay?

Speak clearly and without hurry. Remember to inspire a return call. If you have to include some important data, make sure it is placed early in the message. Let your phone number be the last thing they hear — people often hang up after they hear it.

And remember… mystery creates reach. Leave your audience hanging a bit. People are naturally curious, whether in your associate’s warm or cold market!

Use and teach these tips to your downline and watch your income go up!

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Network Marketing Training - "The Power of Successful 3-Way Calls To Build Your Business!"

Three way calling! Three way calling! You gotta do three way calling in The Network Marketing Business!

You may be wondering what all the talk is about concerning three way calling in the Network Marketing Profession.. Good point! You need to have an understanding of what it is, and basics of doing it. It is an effective way to do this business and very cost effective as well.

Understand….once you have contacted your friends and family , you need to do what is called a three way call with them, with your Network Marketing sponsor on the line.

This will do three things:

1)Build credibility.

2)Validate you and the product.

3)Help train you as you listen to your sponsor talk to your Network Marketing prospect.

What is 3-way calling in the Network Marketing Profession?

It is a technology and a tool available from your local phone company that allows 3 people to talk to each other on the phone. We use it in Network Marketing to train, validate, and help you “earn while you learn.”

Let your sponsor in the Network Marketing company you are in walk you through. They are there to help you and guide you in the early stages of your business. Contact your telephone company to install it on your line. It runs about 5.00 a month.

How do you do a three way call?

It is as simple as 1-2-3.

You call your sponsor, and give them a short background on the prospect, (name, age, occupation etc) and then press the “flash” button on your phone, or the receiver button, and then dial the number of your friend, and then when it starts ringing, press the “flash” button again, and you will have both parties on the line.

A three way call is broken down into three parts:

1.) “Introduction”

This is where you introduce your sponsor to your prospect:

* Do not let them carry on a conversation with you first, and then tell them someone is on the line…it is embarrassing to everyone!

Have I caught you at a good time? Great! I have a friend/ associate/expert/partner/ -Steve- on the line who is an expert with this product and company, and I was telling her about you, and she wanted to meet you…Karlton, are you there?

Stay quiet and listen to your sponsor.

2) “The Expert” - your sponsor or upline who is calling with you.

During the call, your sponsor will reaffirm what you have told them. And also validate you. There are many different ways to do three ways, but always ask questions about the prospect, and show you are INTERESTED IN THEM! Your sponsor will also help get your prospect to the next event, and also say something about you as a serious player in this business-(and if you are doing three ways –you ARE!)

3) “The Summary” or Next Move.

This will be to summarize what has been agreed to by the prospect, and also to thank them for their time and how forward you are looking to see them.

Lisa, I am so excited about you meeting Mary tomorrow night, and I know that you will enjoy our get together! See you tomorrow night!

Practice with your sponsor over and over, and get three ways down. Network Marketing is driven by three ways, and it is the most powerful tool there is for third party validation, and recruiting.

The secret to a powerful three way in Network Marketing?


Get your new distributor and make sure they practice, drill, rehearse three ways. The more that they do, the better they will become.

Three ways are the secret to YOU experiencing massive Success in the Network Marketing Profession.