The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Saturday, August 13, 2016

How to KNOW When to Lead With The Product or Business Opportunity First In MLM?

In today’s training I answer the age-old question, “Should you lead with your network marketing company’s product, or should you lead with the opportunity?”  

In a future the video I'm going to give you my thoughts on this subject and go over the different scenarios of where you may want to consider each.

So make sure to keep an eye out for that... 
In my opinion, whether you should lead with your company’s product or opportunity depends on a couple of different things. 
The first thing it depends on is the prospect that you’re talking with

If I’m talking to somebody that I know is more entrepreneurial and business minded I will usually lead with the opportunity.  
Maybe they’re already a traditional business owner, maybe they’re what I like to call an “A player”, or just somebody that is already very successful in life.  I’m sure you can picture who these people are that you know.
I lead with the opportunity with those people because from my experience, I know that they’re going to be more likely to see the opportunity.  Generally speaking those types of people are more open and less skeptical.  
In most cases, that’s exactly what got them to where they are today.  
If I’m talking to somebody that isn’t very entrepreneurial or business-minded, I usually lead with the product first.  I’ll also lead with the product if I have someone that has a background or interests that would be aligned with one of the products I’m marketing.  

NOTE: Click here to see a great example of a site I use when I'm leading with the product to a prospect.
For example, if you are marketing some sort of a weight loss product and you know a personal trainer, leading with one of your products would be a very natural conversation to have.  
That’s not to say that the product isn’t important in both scenarios, it is
However, depending on the person that I’m talking to, that’s going to determine which of the two approaches I use.  
I've been teaching a simple , effective, proven way to be prepared to have either conversation depending on the prospect since 2009.  
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The other factor you want to take into account is the rep that is involved. That means you.  
If you are someone that is entrepreneurial, business-minded and has had success in your life then you’re probably not going to have trouble recruiting people into your opportunity.  

In many cases, people are going to listen to what you have to say because of who you are.  There will be automatic credibility for the opportunity because you are involved.  Often times these types of people possess what I call “personal power”, where a lot of times people will sign up into a business just to get an opportunity to work with that person.    
On the other hand, if you are someone that is NOT very entrepreneurial or what most would consider “business-minded”, then maybe you would be better served leading with the product.  
If it’s not natural for you to be talking about business or “opportunities” with the people you know then use your product as a way to introduce people to your company.  
People love to buy stuff and try new products so use that to your advantage.  

Allow them to have a positive experience using the product and then your chances of getting them interested in the opportunity will increase dramatically.  Worst case, you’ve gotten a happy and satisfied customer that will help you grow your business over time.  
The final thing I want to address is those of you that have been in multiple network marketing programs before.  

Maybe you’ve already “burnt out” your warm market list.  You’ve contacted them over and over again about other things you’ve done in the past.  Possibly some of them have even joined you and didn’t have great experiences.  
In my opinion if that is you, then you should absolutely lead with the product. You don’t want to raise resistance right away in a prospect by bringing “another opportunity” to them.  Introduce them to a product first, especially if it’s a great product that they could really use.  Remember, people love to consume new products, people love to buy stuff.   
Leverage that and without ANY MENTION whatsoever of your opportunity (resist the urge no matter what!), get them to try your product.  If you can get them to fall in love with the product and see the benefits of using it – it’s going to be a lot easier to then share the opportunity with them down the road.  
Make sure you have both approaches ready in your “toolbelt” and take out whichever one you think is most appropriate for the situation you encounter. 
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Be sure to teach both product and opportunity approaches to your team, understanding that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to prospecting and recruiting.  
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

How Single Mothers Are Making FAST Money On eBay The EZ Way

Making money on eBay can be done without spending a dime. Lots of people do it, mostly by rooting through their attics and garages, even refrigerators, to find stuff they don't want or need, and then listing them in the hopes that someone will buy. It's pretty hit-and-miss, but if making money on eBay is just a hobby, it's all good. However, if selling online is something you intend to do for your bread and butter, then this half-assed way of doing it won't provide a happy ending.
So how do you sell on eBay the smart way?
Traditionally, you need to spend money to make money in retail. The first thing you need to realize is that the game has changed considerably since eBay and similar sites have provided anyone anywhere the opportunity to make money by selling online. Nobody ever said you couldn't use other people's money to make a profit for yourself.
This is what dropshipping is all about, and eBay remains one of the best platforms for this type of selling. Rather than money, you're investing hard work, business savvy, talent, organization, and a flair for choosing what sells.
Don't get me wrong: To do well on eBay, you still need to invest a little bit of your own cash to set up a supply chain, but don't worry; you'll get that back in spades if you do your prep work. Here's how to make a killing on eBay.
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Choose Your Niche

Everyone is selling monopods for selfie aficionados, so you think you should go into that even if you think it's a little dumb. Believe me when I say that you don't want to get into something you aren't passionate about, especially if you plan to do it for the long haul.
For one thing, you won't be putting as much belief as you should in the product, and that will show through in your listings. For another, you'll earn a reputation for selling this type of product, and true-to-life branding is something you want to establish early on. If you love selfies and novelty products, then by all means go for the monopod.
If you're more into shoes, then selling monopods will be taking time away from your real interests.

Do Your Research

That being said, even if you choose a niche based on personal leanings, you still want to choose a winner. As a dropshipper, you are limited only by the inventory of your suppliers, and if you carefully pick your business partners, that's no limit at all.
To help you narrow your focus to what's currently selling on eBay, you could use a listing analytics tool such as the SaleHoo Market Research Lab. This tool can show you how many people are already selling the item you want to list, how they performed, and the overall profit potential. Once you've chosen the type of items you want to sell, it's time to move on to the next step.
There's an adage to the effect that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. That can apply to nearly any business. Not going nearly far enough into your chosen field can land you in a heap of trouble. To make money on eBay through dropshipping, there are two things you have to know like the back of your hand: the eBay platform and your dropshipping suppliers.


Selling on eBay is NOT the same as selling well on eBay. The weekend lister may manage quite well on their occasional excursions into the fray, but as a serious seller you want to do as well as humanly possible. You need to seize every advantage available, and eBay can help you do that if you take the time to find out everything there is to know about it from a seller's perspective.
This includes membership tiers, seller fees, listing tools, policies, feedback, ranking factors, affiliate programs, so on and so forth. Knowing how your platform works often gives you a distinct advantage over less-dedicated sellers.
Getting to know eBay from head to toe requires a bit of time. Basically, you have to go back to school for this. Click on everything that is clickable, take notes, check forums, and ask questions. Ideally, you should do this prep work before making your first listing, but it's really up to you.
You could make a test run with a few items that you already have on hand just to see how it goes; consider it on-the-job training. If you make mistakes, make sure you don't make them twice. Finally, keep in mind that the customer is always number 1; you don't want to risk getting negative feedback for selling a dicey Magic 8 Ball. Whatever happens during your test run, be honest, be nice, and be responsive to your customers.

Your Suppliers

This has been repeated ad nauseam throughout this blog, but it's so important that it merits being mentioned at every opportunity: choose your suppliers wisely. Price is important, of course, but there are other factors that come into play. Most importantly, the supplier has to be reliable and professional. As a dropshipper, you know that your lifeblood is in the fulfillment. If your supplier fails you, your business fails.
Take the time to thoroughly investigate your potential suppliers. If possible, visit the place of business to see how it's run; a sloppy and disorganized operation is something you don't want to have anything to do with. Ideally, you'll be dealing with wholesalers based locally. If you are importing your products but visiting the supplier is out of the budget, subscribe to a directory of vetted suppliers to make sure they are legitimate.
Make a few small purchases from your chosen suppliers to test how fast they deliver, the quality of the products, and the way they're packaged. Some buyers don't like to deal with dropshippers, so it's important to see whether your supplier will brand the products the way you want.
You will also be able to check how well your supplier communicates with you as a dropshipper. This can be crucial once you actually start selling the products. You should be able to easily track inventory and purchases. If any problems develop you must be able to get on top of things and quickly respond before your buyer has a chance to get cranky.


Once you've done your homework, you can start listing, perhaps using the bulk listing tool available on eBay. The next step is to improve your exposure so that you stand above the rest. There are some good ways to do this, and you should do all of them if at all possible.

Get a PayPal Account

eBay provides protection to both buyers and sellers that use PayPal. Furthermore, it is a secure and convenient way for a buyer to pay for purchases. As a consequence, 90 percent of users have one and most prefer sellers who offer this payment option. This will improve your exposure immensely to buyers who filter their search for sellers who take PayPal.

Price Competitively

You should keep your eye on your bottom line, of course, but you also need to make sure that you compare favorably with how other sellers for the same or similar items are pricing their items. Many buyers rank their searches from lowest to highest prices, and like in any Internet search, the top results get the most attention.

Offer Free Shipping

Freebies are always attractive to buyers, and one of the most compelling offers you can make is free shipping. Analysis of buyer behavior indicates that at least 80 percent of buyers are most likely to complete a purchase if the seller offers free shipping.Many will even filter a search for only items that have free shipping.
To protect your profit margin, add in the cost of shipping to the item price or bundle items to reduce shipping costs.

Craft Quality Titles and Descriptions

You should put some thought into writing an attention-grabbing title and comprehensive product description. This is a key factor in making money on eBay that many sellers just don't take seriously.
Your title should be concise but searchable, so make the effort to find out how buyers search for particular items. You can do this by typing your item into the search panel and see what suggestions come up.
You can also take a look at Google Adwords to see what related keywords and phrases are sizzling on Google. Oh, and make sure you make no typos in your item title; it makes it harder for buyers to find you.

Be a Power Seller

About 4 percent of all eBay sellers become Power Sellers. That's a great advantage to have not only because of the perks; it's also powerful testimony to your integrity, professionalism, and credibility. This gives buyers the confidence to do business with you.
Needless to say, it is not easy to become a Power Seller (otherwise more would have the title). However, given the value of being one, you should go ahead and make the effort to become eligible. The requirements include:
  • Active membership for at least 90 days
  • Minimum average sales of $1,000 and average listings of four monthly for three consecutive months
  • At least 100 feedback with a minimum of positive rating of 98 percent
  • Good account standing
  • Compliance with all eBay policies and rules
Making money on eBay isn't hard, but making a lot of it takes time and effort. If you are serious about making a good, if not fantastic, living via your eBay sales, you would do well to take the advice in this article to heart.
For more information about selling on eBay, check out the Seller Training Center at SaleHoo.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

"5 Reasons NOT To Use MSLP For Network Marketing They Hope You Don't Figure Out"

MLSP stands for My Lead System Pro and is an educational platform that network marketers can use to grow their business.
Share your story with a BLOG.
MLSP was created in 2008. It’s a training platform that also provides a blog platform anyone can promote and get Leads from it.
You can promote MLSP as an affiliate program itself or you can promote your MLM opportunity through MLSP.

But, here’s a few reasons NOT to use MLSP:
#1 It’s a premade blog platform you have little control over.
Every day on social media I see an article that looks familiar. I click on it and see that it’s an MLSP article written by some guru in network marketing. I look over and see on the righthand side the person who is actually promoting this article.
Although, it’s pretty cool actually that you can click on that person’s contact info under their photo, but how many people click?
There’s thousands of these identical blogs on the internet. The only variation is the photo of the affiliate or member of MLSP on the righthand side who you can contact.
The only way MLSP can truly benefit you is if you have literally no time to blog yourself and have no idea what network marketing is and how it’s done.
If you have any skill in writing or shooting videos, I would start your own blog and grow that. It would be 100% yours and you can evolve it into anything you want and promote anything you want, inside of network marketing or outside of network marketing.

#2 The content is made by someone else.
After a while, you grow to know these articles on social media. They are pretty well-written, but these are not your articles. You have no control over them and basically you are promoting MLSP more than yourself.
Most new distributors don’t know a lot about MLM, so these articles come in handy, but it completely negates any authority or “brand” you are trying to make for yourself on the internet.

#3 You’re still left promoting a blog with no traffic
If you’re pretty new online, chances are you have under a 1,000 followers on Twitter and maybe Facebook. The true power of earning money from MLSP is by having a large following on social media.
You have to be a relatively big authority on the internet to truly make a profit. MLSP is either $49 or $149 for their programs at the time of this writing and it’s going to be hard making a profit, let alone making your money back with a little following on social media. If you only have 218 followers on Twitter forget about making money at all.
There’s truly no easy way to make money online. It takes either specialized talent, an insane work ethic for years, or celebrity status to make money online. 
You might as well start from scratch with your own self-hosted blog and see where that goes.

#4 Many people know what MLSP is and won’t click on it.
It doesn’t take long for regulars on social media to spot MLSP. Although MLSP has a good educational platform to help network marketers, you are not promoting something fresh and new.
There’s many six-figure earners who promote the same articles to their thousands of followers. They get the leads and prospects from those articles, not you.
Also, if you are late in promoting a new article that comes out, this is as bad as sharing news that is a day old. In other words, after an article or news is trending for four hours everybody knows about it and it falls flat.

#5 MLSP is $50 to $150 bucks a month.
MLSP is not free, nor is it only $10 bucks a month. Not many people who join MLSP make any money online at all, so this is a big investment.
I suggest creating a blog of your own, growing traffic to it over the next year, and then promote MLSP if you want. Starting with nothing in MLSP is a huge risk. If you don’t have a social following or no traffic coming to your website, MLSP will not save you!

I’m not completely against MLSP. In fact, I think they are providing an awesome educational, affiliate platform that people can not only promote but learn from.
You will learn from the top leaders in the MLM industry, but you can also learn just as much watching free videos on YouTube about network marketing and from ebooks and the exact articles that MLSP members promote.
You don’t need to spend $50 to $150 while you’re learning. Do everything you can for free first. Then you can establish yourself and position yourself as a brand and go from there.
 There’s also other blogging platforms out there that you can promote and build.
But, I think to get total freedom of what you want to promote and not just promote someone’s blogging system is to just create your own blog.
If you water it consistently it will bear fruit and that fruit will taste better than anyone else’s fruit because you nurtured it completely and it’s your baby.

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This article was reprinted in part from an article written by: Erik Johnson