The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Thursday, April 30, 2015

" A Money Magnitizer Powerful Subliminal Video"

This is a very powerful and compelling money programming video.

Money is just a form of energy. You must accept that money is good, and can be used for much good, just like any form of energy.

True, there are always those who wish to abuse its power, but you don't have to be like that. This video can program your subconscious to view and accept money as means to accomplish your desires and goals.

Once you understand the true nature of money, then you can begin to attract it. Money doesn't come to those who do not understand it.
Some of the hundreds of subliminal suggestions include:
* you are a money magnet.
* you always attract wealth.
* Money comes to you always.
* you are happy that you are a money magnet.
* your joy and happiness are strong money magnets
* you are a money magnet, wealth is pouring in your life
* you are Wealthy
* you are Prosperous
* you are Abundant
* you are Financially Free
* you are a Success
* you are a Money Magnet
* you Attract Prosperity and Wealth
* you are filled with joy and happiness which are strong money magnets.
* you are a money magnet and money comes to you easily and frequently
* you are A MONEY MAGNET!!!
* you are a Multi Millionaire money magnet
* everything you touch turns to gold
* Money flows to you, abundantly and effortlessly.
* you are a money magnet.
* Unknown source of income come to you
* You are financially secured and blessed.
* You can do whatever you want.
* You have all the money you need.
* you are a money magnet.
* Money comes to you frequently and easily
...and hundreds more!
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"How To Sell On Amazon & Make HUGE Profits"

How To Sell On Amazon

I’ve revealed many of these steps and process already in a previous blog post, called “20 Tips For Successful Selling On Amazon“.  There’s many logistical steps that are challenging to explain in a blog post, which is why I recommend investing in a quality training program such as "The FBA Headstart Program" .

However, I’ll outline the primary steps below.

1. Decide On A Niche And Product To Sell

The process that I’ve learned from The FBA Headstart Program is to find “private label products” and sell them.

To do this, you first need to identify the right niche and market you want to pursue.

You need to ensure that there is a DEMAND and MARKET for whatever it is that you want to sell.

One of the ways to do this is to search around on Amazon, specifically the Amazon Bestseller List.

This will give you an idea of what is selling and what is hot.

There’s a certain criteria that is important to follow when deciding.  It’s a challenge to explain all of it in a blog post, but some of that criteria is ensuring the product has good profit margins, isn’t too big or heavy, can be sold for over $10, and doesn’t have too much competition.

THIS BLOG POST will explain.

2. Find A Supplier To Manufacture Your Product

Once you’ve decided on your product, you then need to find a supplier.

The process of private labeling a product means that you’re finding a supplier that is ALREADY MAKING the product that you want to sell.  They’re already making and manufacturing it, and you’re going to place your own label and packaging on it.

So for example, let’s say you want to sell a Yoga Mat.

You’d then do a search on Alibaba or Google and find suppliers that are making yoga mats.  You’d then contact them and ask them a series of questions, to see if you’re a right fit.

If you’re a right fit, then you’ll order the yoga mats from them and have them put on your own label or packaging on the product.  Make sense?
alibaba yoga mat

Of course, every supplier makes different types of yoga mats.  So you’d find one that you like, is high quality, is different from what is already out there, and can possibly even be customized (put your logo on it).

This part of the process is perhaps one of the most challenging parts, as there’s many logistics to it, depending if you’re sourcing from China or the United States.

There’s a series of questions you’ll want to ask the potential suppliers, such as the cost of X # of units, minimum order quantity, the quality of the product, how long it’ll take to make, shipping costs, etc…

3. Get Your Packaging And Labeling Created

Once you decide on the supplier, you’ll need to get packaging and labeling done.  I used the website 99Designs for mine and paid about $500.

The package/label must meet the criteria from your supplier.

For example, I am selling a supplement on Amazon and I’m limited in what claims I can make.

Every claim I make must be approved by my supplier and I have to provide a study/factual data to back up any claim made.

4. Set Up Your Amazon Product Listing

While you’re waiting for your product to be manufactured, you can set up your Amazon product listing.

You’ll want to ensure you have high quality graphics and product images.  You’ll also want to make sure that your listing is keyword optimized, contains benefits, a well-written product description, and possibly even bonuses.

The better listing you have, the more sales you’ll get.  You want to find ways to differentiate your product from the others and really sell it well.

5. Ship Your Inventory To Amazon FBA

In Amazon Seller Central, you can create a “Shipping Order” which will indicate the locations of the Amazon Fulfillment Centres that Amazon wants you to send your inventory to.

Amazon requires you to ship your inventory to multiple locations across the United States, so that they can have your inventory spread out and be able to quickly deliver your products to the customers.

If you’re shipping from China, then you have the options of boat or plane.  Plane is much faster, but is more expensive.  You can ship via boat, however it’ll take longer and you need to ship it to a dock that will receive it and have it go through customs first, then forward it to the Amazon Fulfillment Centre.

6. Launch Your Product

Once your inventory is in, it’s time to launch your product to get it ranked and selling.

A successful launch requires getting a large number of sales (in a short period of time), as well as getting a lot of Amazon reviews in a short period of time.  The shorter time-frame you get these things, the higher boost you’ll get in the Amazon search engine for your keyword.

There’s so many strategies for launching and selling your product, but some that I’ve used are:
  • Giving away product to friends/family for $2 in exchange for honest review
  • Giving away product on coupon code websites for $2 and various services for honest reviews
  • Amazon Ads
  • Build a Facebook fan page in related niche, launch it to fans
  • Use Facebook Ads to target specific niche
These are the strategies I’ve used initially, but I’ve now expanded to many others and I’m building long-term sources of traffic to my product.

7. Build A Brand Presence

Selling on Amazon isn’t a “gimmick” or short-term way of making money.  It’s a long-term, real, sustainable business.

As a result, you want to build a brand.

I’ve built a website for my products and expanded my brand.  I’ve built social media accounts too.

I use blogging, YouTube, and every channel that I can to create content and build a legitimate brand around my products.

Once your product is selling, you want to expand your product line.  You want to release more related products so you can cross-promote them, launch them to your list, and build a big brand!

Want More Amazon Training?

If you want more training on how to sell on Amazon, then subscribe here to get updates of what I’ll be releasing.

I’ve seen a lot of potential with this business model and plan on giving more regular updates on the results that I’m getting on Amazon, being transparent and open with my subscribers.

If you’re interested in investing programs such as"The FBA Headstart Program" or "The Complete Amazon Marketing System" that'll be a VERY wise move!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"4 Ways to Locate REAL Wholesale Suppliers"

Finding genuine, factory-authorized wholesale suppliers is an absolute must for anyone selling physical products on the Internet. Your e-business will never become truly profitable, if you're sourcing your products from middlemen or fake wholesale sites. But tracking down legitimate wholesale sources will take some legwork on your part.

Talk to the Source
So how do you find suppliers who are the real deal, and avoid worthless posers? You go all the way to the top - of the supply chain that is. One of the most reliable ways to locate factory-authorized wholesalers is to talk to the manufacturer. 
You can usually find the manufacturer located on the product's serial sticker or in the warranty papers or owner's manual.

Once you find them, just call them up and ask for their sales division. Tell their sales rep that you're a retailer interested in carrying their products, and ask for a list of their authorized wholesale suppliers. The manufacturer knows who their authorized wholesalers are, and they shouldn't have any problem sharing that information with you. When you begin calling the suppliers on that list, you'll have complete confidence that you're talking to real wholesalers.

There's More than One Way...
Of course, there are more streamlined methods for tracking down real wholesale product sources. (Big sigh of relief.)

Wholesale trade shows bring thousands of wholesalers, within a single industry, together under one roof. The larger, more reputable shows vet the suppliers they allow to exhibit, which means you'll only be talking to real wholesalers and manufacturers.

Wholesalers also advertise in industry trade publications; you can often find valuable contact info and website addresses intended for retail use only there. Another option is to visit a permanent wholesale mart - these are basically long-standing trade shows; you can find them in most mid-sized to large cities.

A Word of Caution
When you're dealing with trade shows, you need to make sure that they are, in fact, wholesale trade shows. In other words, you want to attend a business to business event, open only to industry insiders. The suppliers you'll find at a public trade expo, such as a car or boat show, are often retailers themselves and are not offering wholesale pricing on their products.

The same holds true for any permanent gift mart or trade mart that admits the general public. Wholesale marts are only open to legal retail businesses, and will require proof before allowing you to register. If you can gain entrance without providing your sales tax ID and legal business name (at a bare minimum), you're not in a wholesale merchandise mart, which means you're not getting wholesale prices.

Legitimate Product Sources
Authentic wholesale suppliers won't come knocking down your door - finding them takes a real, concerted effort. It's not always the most exciting job, but the results are easily worth the work you'll put in.

Sourcing your products at true wholesale prices will enable you to effectively compete in the Internet marketplace and make the highest possible profits on every transaction. And isn't that the point of selling online?

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"You Gotta Let Go Of Negative People"

The people and environment you are in have a huge influence on the prosperity you will manifest.

This informative video from my very good friend & mentor Randy Gage explains why.

 Watch and see how you can deal with this issue and create the results you want.

Makes the point pretty clear for all of us huh?

Anyway, here's a FREE Report that'll open your mind to the possibilities that  within you to change your life.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"How To Sell On Amazon If You Live Outside The USA"

easy buttonHow easy is it to sell on Amazon if you live outside of the USA?  

It used to be pretty hard, now it’s pretty easy.  About all you have to do is press the easy button

As I have contact with my readers and students, I am reminded every day that there are lots and lots of talented and capable people.  Many of them are from outside the US.

I very quickly remember that the US population is only about 5% of the world population.

However, the US market is still the biggest and I certainly understand why someone outside the US would want to sell here.

With email, Skype, translations apps, cheap international shipping, Google hangouts and lots of other tech stuff it’s very possible for non US citizens to do business in the US.

NOTE: Make sure to read THIS ARTICLE about how simple, fun & easy it is to start building your own global Amazon Business From Your Home.

So today I want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions I get which is…
“How do I sell on  (the US version of Amazon) if I live outside the US?
world map
The real answer is that its not very different than if you live in the US.

When you sign up for an account as a US Citizen, Amazon will ask your for the following things.
  1. A credit card to charge any amounts such as pay per click advertising
  2. Your address
  3. A bank account number so they can transfer your profits to you
  4. A phone number so they can call you to verify your account
  5. You business info such as your Social Security Number (personal government number) or your corporation numbers or EIN (Employer Identification Number)
In the not too recent past if you lived outside of the US you had to have a US phone number, pay for a physical address and even have a US bank account and credit card.

No wonder so few people were able to do all of this.  Thankfully, those days are gone!

Now when you sign up as a non US citizen, the process is significantly easier.
Amazon will walk you through a signup checklist and guide you step by step, it’s actually well thought out and helpful.

However, you will need the following as a non US citizen:
  1. A credit card that can be charged internationally,  i.e, a Mastercard or Visa.
  2. A local bank in your country that supports ACH which stands for automated clearing house which really means your bank can accept electronic transfers
  3. Your local address
  4. Your country uses currency supported by Amazon.  Click here to see the list.  This is not an issue for most English speaking countries or non English speaking European countries.
  5. A phone number (you’ll also need your international prefix number)
  6. A US EIN number.  You don’t have to be a corporation and have any type of legal status in the US to get this number.  You simply fill out online form 10-BEN on the website (Internal Revenue Service which is the US government tax collection agency)
That’s it!

Things do change, so depending on when you’re reading this keep in mind that there may be slight variations but it should still be very similar.

You can now open an Amazon account and have your items shipped directly to Amazon. 
You never even have to touch the items. 

NOTE: See the article "How To Make Money On Amazon Using Fullfillment By Amazon (FBA)"

What a concept, huh?

In future articles I’ll touch on how to ship to Amazon from outside the US, but for now I just want you to realize how easy and possible it is to sell on if you live outside the US.

I’ve just eliminated several excuses for you.  Stop coming up with reasons why you can’t do this and get off your duff and get started selling on Amazon!

NOTE: See "The 10 Simple Steps to Starting An Amazon Private Label Business"

What are your thoughts of selling on Amazon if you live outside the US?  Comment below

See ya next time.
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Amazon & E-Bay Top-Sellers BIG Secret "Sell What Sells, NOT What's Cool"

One of my good friend & personal mentors company publishes the Internet's leading Database of genuine wholesale suppliers. They list thousands of Drop Shippers (wholesalers who ship products, one at a time, directly to your customers; eliminating the need to stock inventory), and thousands of Light Bulk Wholesalers -

Wholesale Suppliers who will sell to you in small Bulk Quantities, while still giving you larger Bulk Quantity prices. As a result of the information they research and publish, he told me they get questions all the time about what products Home-based Internet Business owners should try to sell online.

I've been at this for years, and have become very successful in my Internet business. But let's face it, folks. If I knew what was going to sell well on the Internet tomorrow, next week, or next month, I wouldn't be writing this article. I would have retired and purchased a small private island by now.

In the retail business, whether you are online, in a physical store in the local mall, or at a roadside stand, it makes no difference; choosing the products you are going to sell is always the hardest part of getting started.

I can't whip out a crystal ball and tell you what to sell. However, I can tell you about the biggest mistakes that I see new Home-based Internet businesspersons making, all the time.

Too many people are fixated on four things:

* Selling only products they like.

* Selling only products they know a lot about.

* Selling only products they think are Cool or Sexy.

*Selling only products they think are The Hottest Products on the Internet.

I get four basic emails from people who are stuck in this rut, and I can pretty much tell that right off the bat, by the way the email begins.

An Email from a person who only thinks they can sell what they like starts something like this:

Dude, I'm like, a Sk8ter, and I need to find a Wholesale Supplier for, like, Sk8tboards + wheels + stuff.

The first problem this person is going to run into (aside from the fact that he needs to learn how to write a business email!) is a problem for all four types of people here. There may not be a Wholesale Supplier for the products they want, that will work with a Home-based Internet Business. We'll talk more about that in a few minutes, though.

The second problem is tunnel vision. This person may actually find a Wholesale Supplier for sk8tboards + wheels + stuff. If he does, great. However, someone who has such a narrow vision of the Internet Marketplace will never branch out and fulfill his own potential in that Marketplace.

Say he does find the Wholesale Suppliers he's looking for, and opens a store. Because of the narrow vision that led him there, he's likely to stick with that store, and that store alone. He'll make some money, but unless he gets really lucky, he won't make a really good income out of it. He'll piddle along selling sk8tboard stuff forever, when he could have done so much more.

What he needs to do is broaden his scope. If he's interested in developing his online business into something really profitable.

But instead of focusing on just that, he should explore selling all kinds of sporting goods.
Sam Walton, the revered Founder of Wal-Mart, was once a starting quarterback on his High School football team in Columbia, Missouri. He also liked to play basketball. Can you imagine what would have happened if Sam Walton never tried to sell anything besides football and basketball equipment? 

There would probably be a pretty big store in the US selling just footballs and basketballs today, because Walton was a very good retailer. But it never would have grown to the size and scope of Wal-Mart today if Sam had allowed tunnel vision to crowd his overall view.

It's okay for our sk8ter buddy here to open an Internet Store or run Auctions that sell skateboard equipment. Niche marketing is a good thing. But in his overall business, he should look for other products with which to eventually run other Online Stores or Auctions as well. 

One store leads to two, two lead to four, and so on. Never get stuck limiting your entire business to just one type of product!

An Email from a person who only thinks they can sell what they know about goes like this:

Hey there;
I've been riding horses all my life, and I own a small stable where I teach riding. I'm opening an Internet Store where I'm going to sell all kinds of stuff that other riders will want to buy. I've got to find a Wholesale Supplier for saddles and Western Wear and such.

Again, this persons first problem is going to be that he may not find a Wholesale Supplier of the products he knows so well, that's willing to work with Home-based Internet Businesses. But, we'll get to that in a bit.

His second problem is similar to the first persons problem, but not exactly the same.

This person isn't fixated on selling only what he likes; he's just a little bit scared of having to learn about something new. He's obviously going where he feels safe. Thats okay, but lets remember what I've mentioned twice so far: he may not find a Wholesale Supplier for the products he likes.

Genuine Wholesale Suppliers do not grow on trees, folks, and most of those who are out there do not want to work with Home-based Businesses. There isn't one available to you for every possible type of product. It's very important to keep that in mind when you start out!

So, what does this person need to do? He needs to understand that being in business is about learning new things every day. New ways to market, new software to get used to, simpler ways to do his monthly books, etc., etc., etc.

Learning new products is just as critical. Again, never limit your business to just one type of product.

You don't have to like what you sell. You just need to make money selling it!

An Email from a person who only thinks they can sell whats Cool goes like this:

I'm looking for a Wholesale Supplier of electronics, like MP3 Players, Plasma TVs and such.

Please tell me where to find them.

A request for Wholesale Supplier of electronics is a dead giveaway. Almost everybody who starts a Home-Based Internet Business wants to sell electronics at first. It's the Cool, Sexy market, and even if you never sell anything, you can show your friends your site and say, Dude, I can get you a deal on the hottest new stuff!

Electronics, like any other Cool or Sexy market on the Internet, is not the place for most people to start. That market is absolutely flooded with other people who already had the same idea, and the profit margins have plummeted. Why? Too many inexperienced Internet sellers.

They start price wars, figuring they're going to clean up by undercutting everyone else's prices by a little bit. Problem is, the second guy comes along and undercuts the first one a bit. Then the third person comes along and undercuts the second. And so on.

Pretty soon all you have left are tens of thousands of people trying to sell electronics for pennies more than what they pay for them, just to advertise a slightly better price than their competition.

Not good.

The person who wants to sell Cool and Sexy stuff needs to understand that they are not out here to look Cool or Sexy. They're here to make money. Four Slice Toasters and Propane Camp Stoves aren't sexy, but they sell and their markets are not overcrowded, and that's what the goal is.

Finally, an email from a person who thinks they need to sell only the Hottest Products on the Internet goes like this:

Can you tell me were I can find out what the Top Selling Products on eBay are? I want to know what everyone else is selling and get in on it.

Look at it this way. If you were in a giant field filled with nothing but concession stands selling Salted Peanuts, what's the smartest thing you could do? Set up yet another Salted Peanuts stand, or set up a Lemonade Stand?

I'd sell Lemonade, wouldn't you? :o)

In our business, we look at the Lists of Top Selling Products on the Internet, too. Then we run the other way as fast as we can. We don't want to be just another face in the crowd selling the same thing as everyone else. 

We want to think about products that may be complementary to the Hottest Sellers, that not many other people are selling.

If everyone and their Grandmothers are selling Salted Peanuts, we want to be the ones selling Lemonade. :o)

Honest enough to admit you might need some help putting all this together, then CLICK HERE NOW!
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"20 Reasons Why You Should Start A Home Based Business NOW!"

1. Here's the #1 reason...You deserve FREEDOM!

See "7 Simple Life-Changing Decisions You Can Make TODAY!"

2. The “Why” must be defined in order get ahead during these challenges and opportunities.

The “Why” can’t be , just to earn money. There must be deeper reasons!

NOTE:  You'll find it VERY helpful to write down YOUR "5 Top Reasons WHY You Want To Do The Work of Staring A Home Based Business"

The Purpose of this training is to identify the most important reasons why people start a home based business or network marketing business and at the end of the day they achieved success based in big part because of those BIG Reasons.

3. Most of the people have a J.O.B. ( Just over Broke ) where they work at least 40 hrs per week for 40 years of their life. People in this system don’t have time to do the most important things in life and the money they make in most cases simply keep them in debt!

There is no Freedom here.

So again I ask you the question. Would YOU like to have true freedom ?

4.  Most people work like robots in boring jobs just because they need to make money to survive. But they don’t enjoy what they do so they feel frustrated. Starting something exciting where they need to learn new skills, interact with other people who have big goals in life is a fun and rewarding challenge.

How do you see yourself profiting from new and exciting challenges ?

5. If you're like most people you enjoy giving to back to society, the family, church or any other organization. But a traditional job in most cases doesn’t allow them to make a big difference. This is because the money they earn is not enough and the time is very limited.

Are you the kind of person who would love to make a difference in the life of others ?

6.  People naturally enjoy sharing with their family, friends, co-workers etc. about quality products they use or services they receive.

Remember the last movie you saw? How many people did you refer to watch it ? What’s your favorite restaurant ? How many people have you referred to eat there? Wouldn't you like to get paid for doing it ?

7.  Again, 40 Hrs/week jobs keep people busy for 40 years and yet people today don’t have time to spend with family, to educate their kids, see their first words or steps.

What is more important than that ?

8.  Tuition Expenses grow year after year together with the inflation, that’s why is very important to start saving very early after the birth of your children to have enough funds for college IF that's the direction you want to go... or even to pay for a better private school while they're growing up.

Having a secondary, ever growing income stream from your own home business can be the perfect solution. Make sense to you?

9. Maybe you have the urgent need to remodel your home, fixing or upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, even building an addition to your home for rental income to help with your mortgage.

What if you could generate an additional of $500, $1000 or even $5,000 permonth ?

Would it be enough to improve your home ? 

10. The mortgage is the biggest debt most people have. Would your life improve if you payed off the mortgage early saving $1000's in interest?

Just paying $500 extra on the principal of your mortgage every month that will allow you to save years of interest or better yet what if you doubled that amount ?

Got an extra $500 every month to pay to the principal ? If not, a Home Based Business is your solution.
     11. What about your automobile? Driving an old vehicle with issues & problems is not only unsafe BUT in the long run can cost MORE than operating a newer model!

    But paying for a loan on an average car costs around $400+ 150 for the car insurance. I know 1000's of people who make those extra $500 per month payments from their own home business profits!
    12. One of the main reasons people make the decision to start working a home based business is because of their satisfaction with the products they've used from a company. There are companies that sells better products than those we find at stores.

    Products that allow customers to take better care of their health and live more vibrant lives.

    How important is your health for you and your family ?

    A Home Based Business promoting these types of products in a Network Marketing , Ebay or Amazon Business Model can be the perfect solution to an extra income stream.
    13.  Maybe your dream is to travel to Europe, Asia, America or North America . Do you enjoy visiting historic places, the beaches of the world , or climbing the highest mountains, etc.

    What would it mean to you if  time and money weren't  a limitation anymore ?

    A Home Based Business can be your solution to have the freedom you always dream of !
    14.  Are you tired of having a boss that limits your time and the money you can make ? Would you like to have a complete control of how you spend your time and how much you make for the hard working hours ?

    Well you have the opportunity to be your own Boss and being the C.E.O. of your life by starting a Home Based Business Part Time , allowing you to achieve the freedom you deserve.
    15.  I've heard from many people who realized that they didn't know the name of their neighbor , what does he/she does for living, etc. ?

    We live in a technology society with the greatest development in communications, internet, smart phones, satellite TV, etc. but we don’t know the name of the person who lives next door.

    Would you like to have more friends, meet great people, connect more, etc.?

    Then maybe a Network Marketing career is the Solution !
    16.  Are you the person who loves sharing with good friends, motivated people , people with goals, people who value you for what you are and not by how you look ?

    Then start building a Network Marketing Business &  you'll soon have more friends than ever before.
    17.  What about giving ? Are you the kind of person whose always have dreamed about helping or creating an organization dedicated to helping people in need ?

    There is nothing more rewarding that the action of giving.

    What if you can create a business that will allow you have the funds to practice Philanthropy ?
    18.  One of the greatest benefits entrepreneurs look when staring a business is the Tax advantages available for business owners not available for employees.

    Starting a Home Based Business allows to deduct all the expenses related to your business.

    Example: Cell Phone, Part of the Rent or Mortgage, Clothes, Car Expanses, Utilities, Business Trips, etc.

    For more information ask your accountant.
    19.  Would you enjoy spending more time at your home working around your kids on your own schedule ?

    Well starting a Home Based Business will allow you to do that.

    At the beginning you will start part time and when you replace the income you make in your job then go Home “Fulltime “.

    Would that be exciting for you ?
    20.  People work hard for money but die for recognition. When was the last time that your boss recognized you for doing your Job ? Of course that doesn’t happen too often.

    But what if you start a business where the company and your teammates recognize you and reward you for your achievements ?

    A Network Marketing Business is just one of the types home based businesses where people are truly recognized.
    21. Are you working in a Job only because you have to work or because you also enjoy what you do?

    If not, you're probably you are looking for a way out of "the rat race" to do something that you love to do and have the freedom of being your own boss.

    The best advice I can give you is to start a Home Based Business part time and when you replace your current income go full time in your business.
    22.  Do you have any other reason to pursue your own path … You and only you know the reason(s).

    Important: Making more money is not main reason for staring your own home based business.

    It's what the extra money will do for you that's the compelling reason!

    Whatever your reasons make the decision to do something different!

    Time will pass you by and you can’t stop it.

    So say “YES” to your dreams TODAY!
    23. Find your "5 Main Reasons" to change the direction of your life and stop giving that responsibility to someone else.

    Well, I promised you  "20 Reasons Why You Should Start A Home Based Business NOW!" but as is my custom, I like to under promise & over deliver!!!
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    Sunday, April 26, 2015

    " The Dirty Truth About The Amazing Selling Machine Course"

    I'm certain that you realize that all Amazon courses are not alike....

    Sometime ago I heard about a course on Amazon selling called the Amazing Selling Machine.

    It came out about 18 months ago and helped many people become successful Amazon sellers.

    Although I didn't buy the course, I was able to see the content.  It's a fine course.  Although I don't know them personable, the owners seem reputable and they have certainly sold lot of courses.

    The issue I have is that their course is $3500....3500 BUCKS....

    I appreciate their ability to ask for and get that much money for a course.

    However, if you pay that much, that's a few thousand dollars you can't put towards inventory and marketing if you want to start a profitable business on Amazon.

    I'm fortunate, I could afford the $3500, but the better question is why should I have to pay $3500 for a course?  Didn't sit right with me.

    A very good friend of mine , Mark Scott Adams, knew he  could create the same information for much less.  SO HE DID..

    And the FBAHeadstart course was born.

    His course was designed to show you everything you need to know and then some!

    So if you have money burning a whole in your pocket, buy their course
    If you want to have the same knowledge and enough money left over to buy enough inventory for 3-5 items, get his!

    If you want to get lost in a community where no one knows who you are, get their course.  If you want to be in a community where people recognize your name, know who you are and will help you however they can, get his.

    Seems pretty clear cut to me...

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    Saturday, April 25, 2015

    "How to Deal With A Negative Amazon Review"

    You’ve gotten product private labeled from an overseas supplier.  Had it packaged.  Got it listed on Amazon.  Did some marketing, got some sales, got some 5 star reviews.  

    Life is good.  This stuff really works.  You’ve told all your friends and family what you’re doing.
    happy grandmaHeck, even your Grandma is proud.

    Then one morning you check your item and wham, bam, some son of a gun and I don’t mean gun, gave you a 1 star review.  A bleeping, 1 star review.

    You can hear the life sucking air go out of your body.  The sun goes dim, the earth stops spinning….Whyyyyyyyyy????

    Then you read the review 27 times.  The 42 times.  Then you get really mad.

    You pace.  You deny.  Your mind tells you you’ll never sale another product on Amazon again.

    Then you think, how can I get rid of the review.  How can I vote their review down.
    1 star reviewThen you do a quick scan on your competitors and see that they have 1 star reviews.  Then you look at best sellers in various markets and see that they all have 1 star reviews.

    Then you start to realize you’re not going to suffocate,  you look out the window and realize the sun is still shining and best you can tell, the earth is still spinning.

    Then you check your sales reports and see that you are still making sales.  

    My life is not over.  I don’t have to go buy one bullet and rent a gun…

    Here’s the good news…

    You’re now a big boy or girl in the world of Amazon selling.  You’re initiated into the club…Anybody who sells any quantity will eventually get 1 star reviews.  It’s the world we live in.

    We think as normal people, how could someone get that mad over something so insignificant or inexpensive?

    If they didn’t like the product or something happened, they could have simply returned the item or asked for a refund.  Again, you’re thinking like a normal person.
    man in basementI’m convinced people who write 1 star reviews are angry people to start.  They are miserable at work and unsuccessful at other parts of their life.

    The only way they feel any type of power or good about themselves is to criticize others.  

    It’s very easy to be critical or so outspoken when you have the anonymity of a computer screen and you don’t even have to sign your own name.

    These people would never have the courage to say these things to your face.  Basically they are cowards protected by cyberspace!

    I went off on this personal diatribe because I want you to know that 1 star reviews happen to all sellers.

    As the day passes, and you have time to calm down, you’ll realize that it could actually not be a bad thing to have a few less than positive reviews.

    It gives credibility to your reviews.  There are some people who believe that if you have all positive reviews, something must be fake.

    In reality, most people just look for the majority of reviews to be good before they buy.

    If you look at some random items with say 100 or more reviews there will usually be anywhere from 5-15% of 1 star reviews and they still are high volume products.

    So realize, as much as it hurts, its part of the game.  Keep you chin up, keep working building your Amazon business and you’ll be fine.

    What were your experiences with 1 star reviews?  Share them in the comment section below.

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    How to Build Your Amazon Business by Spying On Your Competitors

    First of all there is nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about spying on your competitors.  Its done all the time in business.  I am not talking about stealing secrets or wire tapping – but learning what you can from whats in the open.   In the case of eBay and/or Amazon its pretty much limited to what you can see and learn from their listings.

    So what are some of those things?

    * Well product selection for one.  What products and brands are your competitors selling?

    * Are they offering free shipping and/or expedited shipping?

    * Are they carrying complimentary products or bundling products together?

    * What keywords are they using in their titles and descriptions

    * If they are selling the same product as you, are they pushing different features or benefits or uses for the product?

    * On Amazon, are they merchant fulfilling or using FBA?

    * Is there anything in their descriptions that you are not using but you could use.

    * How about pricing?  Are they selling for less than you or more?  If they are getting more, what are they doing different than you are to justify the higher price?

    * Do you see any weaknesses that you can exploit?

    * After looking at their listings, also look at their store.  Try and get a feel for what products they are selling that you might be able to source and sell to expand your line.

    Do these things and you will be amazed at what you can and will learn and how it can help your sales.
    NOTE: There's an excellent two-volume printed training course I highly recommend that shows you how to start and build a large full-time Amazon business fast!

    It's called "The Complete Amazon Marketing System" and you can grab a copy of it by clicking HERE now.
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    "How to Get Your Amazon Product Listed on the First Page"

    number 1 amazon rankingBeing listed on page one can make or break your product.

    But what causes some products to be listed on the first page and some on the ninth page?

    Why are some products with very high sales rankings not listed on page one?

    What are some new products with very few reviews listed on page one?

    Why do some products that seem to do everything right get buried on page nine?man_pulling_hair_out
    I have spent way too much time pulling my hair out to try and figure out all the things Amazon does to determine where my products are listed.

    But all hair club for men jokes aside, I’m fortunate, I have many page one rankings for multiple keywords and the number one listing on some keywords.

    *CLICK HERE to see a resource I used to master that process .

    Here’s what I learned.

    Your listing is determined by many things, but primarily the following


    This, of course is my best guess.  The exact algorithm  (what the heck is a bleeping algorithim BTW)  For those of us who are not tech guys it really means math formula.
    falling out of chairAll of my high school math teachers are falling out of their chairs now, realizing that I really did pay attention in math class….

    The algorithm of my youth was the Coca Cola formula. Times have changed, I guess…

    Here’s how you have to think of things.  Amazon is just a search engine for physical products.

    They want to show you (their customer) the most relevant items to your product search. 

    They want to have a dynamic market that shifts to demand and allows for new and relevant products to be shown to their customers.

    If they don’t, Alibaba or some smart kid who really is paying attention in math class may overtake them one day and they will become the netscape of this generation.

    So let’s take a look at each feature.

    This is paramount.  Getting even a few positive reviews initially will allow you to be listed, maybe even on page one.  

    I am convinced that Amazon gives you a “honeymoon period” and purposefully lists your product higher than it deserves in the beginning to give you a chance to make sales so you won’t get frustrated and quit.

    Conversion Rate
    The average conversion rate in Amazon is 13.5%.  I am fortunate to have a 20-26% conversion rate.  I believe they tremendously favor items that convert well in higher listings.  

    Higher conversions comes from better copywriting, great pictures and an effective title. 

    Higher conversions are also a result of the social proof of great reviews.

    Proper Keywords
    The more you effectively target the correct keywords, the more like the viewer is likely to buy.  Think rifle here, not shotgun. This is not mass marketing…

    I use a service like merchant words to determine the amount of searches for each keyword and to make sure there are enough searches for that keyword and then I incorporate those keywords into the title, bullet points and product description.

    This ultimately means the right people who are interested in my product are seeing it and there are enough of them to create a high enough sales volume.

    When you do these three things in unison, 1 + 1 + 1 = 5 and you get higher listings and more sales and your spouse likes you more.  Heck, even your dog will give you a better greeting when you come home.

    *CLICK HERE now to see  another GREAT resource to help you master this really quick!

    Sales Volume
    Remember sales ranking is different from your sales listing.  The ranking is just your rank in order of most sales.

    But when you get reviews, have a higher than normal conversion rate and you will ultimately achieve more sales.  It’s a cycle that perpetuates. That leads to higher listings and you get to stay on the first page.

    Hopefully this quick overview gives you a little insight.  If you do these things at the beginning you’ll get off to a great start.

    If you’re not ranked where you like, go back and evaluate everything I’ve mentioned.

    Getting your products listed high enough to be seen and get sales is really not rocket surgery….

    What do you do to get your products ranked higher?  Let me know in the comments section below.

    NOTE: I highly recommend you grab a copy of "The Complete Amazon Marketing System" to guarantee your speedy and sustained success in getting your product listed on pg1 of Amazon.

    Good luck and see you on the first page!
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    Friday, April 24, 2015

    "7 Simple Life-Changing Decisions You Can Make TODAY!"

    I used to think changing your life required big, tangible actions…things you could see and hear and feel.

    But I was wrong.

    The important changes don’t happen outside–they happen in our heads. First we decide, then we act.

    So today I wanted to offer you 7 decisions that you can make, right now, that will set in motion the changes you’re after.

    #1. Decide Enough is Enough
    Decide that enough is enough. All the problems you’ve merely dealt with, all the times you’ve settled for less than you really wanted–no more. Enough is enough.

    You’re not going to waste another month, week, or day living a life you don’t want.

    Or, if things aren’t all bad, you’re not going to put up with the areas that are dragging down the rest.

    #2. Ramp Up the Standards
    Decide that you’re going to raise your standards. People’s lives are a reflection of their expectations.

    If you expect to quit when things are hard, you’ll quit. When you expect to find a way out of every dire situation, you’ll find it.

    I worked with a friend who often came in late, clothes disheveled, moving at half speed. When that same friend left for a similar position at a competitor, he came in early, looked sharp, and gave full energy.

    The difference? Standards.

    The first employer didn’t expect their people to be on time or looking good. The second company would accept nothing less. As soon as he walked through the door for his new job, it was made clear that the standards were high. So he met them.

    #3. No More Excuses
    Decide that you’re no longer going to make excuses. I cannot tell you how many times I hear empty excuses to cover up inaction. If you’re alive and kicking, you can do something about the things you want.

    No Matter What!

    But the second you make an excuse, all hope is lost. You’re not going to pinpoint the real problem, you’re not going to take real action. You’re just going to hide behind a reason you know, deep down, is a lie.

    Refuse to fall back on excuses. If things are going to change, you are going to change them…regardless of the obstacles.

    #4. Embrace Team Effort
    Decide you’re going to work with others. You’re an achiever, which is why you’re reading this. But that doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. You most certainly should not.

    You are one person with one mind and one perspective. Add just one more person and you’ve doubled them all. This is no small feat.

    When you decide to attack your goals in a team, you’re drastically increasing manpower and brainpower.

    Most important, you’re bringing in new perspectives that will see the world–and your goals–in an entirely new light. This opens the door to a host of solutions that you never would have considered.

    Ask for help. Listen closely. Return the favor.

    #5. Good Enough to Get Going
    Decide that good enough is good enough. Reading a book isn’t that hard. It’s definitely not scary.
    Googling and Yahooing isn’t hard either.

    And that’s why millions of people endlessly research their goals instead of actually achieving them.

    They’re trapped in an endless loop of avoidance, learning more and more about what they want but never taking a real step toward it!

    Stop it.

    When you know enough about your goal to do something about it, do it. Don’t wait to read one more article. Don’t buy another book.

    Roll up your sleeves, rub your hands together, and get to work.

    #6. The Magic Pill
    Decide that you’ll stop looking for the magic pill. Changing your life isn’t a mystery. There is no grand secret locked away in a dusty volume of the shelves of an old monastery in a far away land.

    Yes, there are thousands of tips and tricks to help you on your way. And there are great programs to offer guidance and structure.

    But, in the end, it comes down to doing what needs to be done.

    That can never happen if you continuously seek out the magic pill to your problems. Instead of making things happen, you’ll just hop from fad to fad, wasting your time, energy, and money.

    There’s no magic pill, so decide to stop looking.

    #7. When Is A Good Time?
    Decide that you’re going to start now. The longer you put off acting on your goals, the smaller the chance that you’ll follow through. It’s like a pot under running water: the longer you wait, the heavier and harder the task.

    The step doesn’t have to shake the earth. It just has to happen. Now.

    So tell me, ( and most importantly yourself!),what is one small thing you can do to move a step closer to your goal?

    Do it.
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