The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Monday, April 27, 2015

"20 Reasons Why You Should Start A Home Based Business NOW!"

1. Here's the #1 reason...You deserve FREEDOM!

See "7 Simple Life-Changing Decisions You Can Make TODAY!"

2. The “Why” must be defined in order get ahead during these challenges and opportunities.

The “Why” can’t be , just to earn money. There must be deeper reasons!

NOTE:  You'll find it VERY helpful to write down YOUR "5 Top Reasons WHY You Want To Do The Work of Staring A Home Based Business"

The Purpose of this training is to identify the most important reasons why people start a home based business or network marketing business and at the end of the day they achieved success based in big part because of those BIG Reasons.

3. Most of the people have a J.O.B. ( Just over Broke ) where they work at least 40 hrs per week for 40 years of their life. People in this system don’t have time to do the most important things in life and the money they make in most cases simply keep them in debt!

There is no Freedom here.

So again I ask you the question. Would YOU like to have true freedom ?

4.  Most people work like robots in boring jobs just because they need to make money to survive. But they don’t enjoy what they do so they feel frustrated. Starting something exciting where they need to learn new skills, interact with other people who have big goals in life is a fun and rewarding challenge.

How do you see yourself profiting from new and exciting challenges ?

5. If you're like most people you enjoy giving to back to society, the family, church or any other organization. But a traditional job in most cases doesn’t allow them to make a big difference. This is because the money they earn is not enough and the time is very limited.

Are you the kind of person who would love to make a difference in the life of others ?

6.  People naturally enjoy sharing with their family, friends, co-workers etc. about quality products they use or services they receive.

Remember the last movie you saw? How many people did you refer to watch it ? What’s your favorite restaurant ? How many people have you referred to eat there? Wouldn't you like to get paid for doing it ?

7.  Again, 40 Hrs/week jobs keep people busy for 40 years and yet people today don’t have time to spend with family, to educate their kids, see their first words or steps.

What is more important than that ?

8.  Tuition Expenses grow year after year together with the inflation, that’s why is very important to start saving very early after the birth of your children to have enough funds for college IF that's the direction you want to go... or even to pay for a better private school while they're growing up.

Having a secondary, ever growing income stream from your own home business can be the perfect solution. Make sense to you?

9. Maybe you have the urgent need to remodel your home, fixing or upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, even building an addition to your home for rental income to help with your mortgage.

What if you could generate an additional of $500, $1000 or even $5,000 permonth ?

Would it be enough to improve your home ? 

10. The mortgage is the biggest debt most people have. Would your life improve if you payed off the mortgage early saving $1000's in interest?

Just paying $500 extra on the principal of your mortgage every month that will allow you to save years of interest or better yet what if you doubled that amount ?

Got an extra $500 every month to pay to the principal ? If not, a Home Based Business is your solution.
     11. What about your automobile? Driving an old vehicle with issues & problems is not only unsafe BUT in the long run can cost MORE than operating a newer model!

    But paying for a loan on an average car costs around $400+ 150 for the car insurance. I know 1000's of people who make those extra $500 per month payments from their own home business profits!
    12. One of the main reasons people make the decision to start working a home based business is because of their satisfaction with the products they've used from a company. There are companies that sells better products than those we find at stores.

    Products that allow customers to take better care of their health and live more vibrant lives.

    How important is your health for you and your family ?

    A Home Based Business promoting these types of products in a Network Marketing , Ebay or Amazon Business Model can be the perfect solution to an extra income stream.
    13.  Maybe your dream is to travel to Europe, Asia, America or North America . Do you enjoy visiting historic places, the beaches of the world , or climbing the highest mountains, etc.

    What would it mean to you if  time and money weren't  a limitation anymore ?

    A Home Based Business can be your solution to have the freedom you always dream of !
    14.  Are you tired of having a boss that limits your time and the money you can make ? Would you like to have a complete control of how you spend your time and how much you make for the hard working hours ?

    Well you have the opportunity to be your own Boss and being the C.E.O. of your life by starting a Home Based Business Part Time , allowing you to achieve the freedom you deserve.
    15.  I've heard from many people who realized that they didn't know the name of their neighbor , what does he/she does for living, etc. ?

    We live in a technology society with the greatest development in communications, internet, smart phones, satellite TV, etc. but we don’t know the name of the person who lives next door.

    Would you like to have more friends, meet great people, connect more, etc.?

    Then maybe a Network Marketing career is the Solution !
    16.  Are you the person who loves sharing with good friends, motivated people , people with goals, people who value you for what you are and not by how you look ?

    Then start building a Network Marketing Business &  you'll soon have more friends than ever before.
    17.  What about giving ? Are you the kind of person whose always have dreamed about helping or creating an organization dedicated to helping people in need ?

    There is nothing more rewarding that the action of giving.

    What if you can create a business that will allow you have the funds to practice Philanthropy ?
    18.  One of the greatest benefits entrepreneurs look when staring a business is the Tax advantages available for business owners not available for employees.

    Starting a Home Based Business allows to deduct all the expenses related to your business.

    Example: Cell Phone, Part of the Rent or Mortgage, Clothes, Car Expanses, Utilities, Business Trips, etc.

    For more information ask your accountant.
    19.  Would you enjoy spending more time at your home working around your kids on your own schedule ?

    Well starting a Home Based Business will allow you to do that.

    At the beginning you will start part time and when you replace the income you make in your job then go Home “Fulltime “.

    Would that be exciting for you ?
    20.  People work hard for money but die for recognition. When was the last time that your boss recognized you for doing your Job ? Of course that doesn’t happen too often.

    But what if you start a business where the company and your teammates recognize you and reward you for your achievements ?

    A Network Marketing Business is just one of the types home based businesses where people are truly recognized.
    21. Are you working in a Job only because you have to work or because you also enjoy what you do?

    If not, you're probably you are looking for a way out of "the rat race" to do something that you love to do and have the freedom of being your own boss.

    The best advice I can give you is to start a Home Based Business part time and when you replace your current income go full time in your business.
    22.  Do you have any other reason to pursue your own path … You and only you know the reason(s).

    Important: Making more money is not main reason for staring your own home based business.

    It's what the extra money will do for you that's the compelling reason!

    Whatever your reasons make the decision to do something different!

    Time will pass you by and you can’t stop it.

    So say “YES” to your dreams TODAY!
    23. Find your "5 Main Reasons" to change the direction of your life and stop giving that responsibility to someone else.

    Well, I promised you  "20 Reasons Why You Should Start A Home Based Business NOW!" but as is my custom, I like to under promise & over deliver!!!
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