The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Friday, October 31, 2014

Destroying The We vs Us Mentality In Network Marketing..."Why GBG Makes Sense"

There are many opportunities out there today from which to choose. We talked about the in an article on this blog entitled,"How To Choose The Best Network Marketing For YOU!"  At GBG, there's no hype, no gimmicks, and no gotchas - just honest people working together to create a better life for everyone.

If you have not done so, take the next 3-minutes and watch the Message from the Stu to find out why GBG is totally different and makes much more sense than any other network marketing company out there. Find out why so many people everywhere are realizing GBG is the answer they've been looking for!


  1. 1. Free Website Hosting and Maintenance!
    Unlike most companies that charge Website fees, GBG gives you a FREE Corporate Marketing Site that is maintained, updated, upgraded and hosted for free; along with an Unlimited Income Earning Opportunity simply for buying any ONE product monthly. Just by becoming a Member – for as little as $39.97, you’re in business for yourself – but not by yourself! 

  2. 2. Low Monthly “Income Earning” Qualifier!
    Unlike most other companies that require you to spend over $100 or $150.00 and more every month just to be able to receive any income from your team, GBG allows everyone in any position or rank to earn the full amount available to them by just purchasing any one product per month for as low as $39.97. That means that even the #1 income earner in GBG will never have to buy more than one product per month in order to qualify for their income. GBG believes that although you may have to sell more to earn more, you shouldn’t have to buy more! In other words, why should the amount you have to buy every month go up in order for the amount you want to earn to go up? It just doesn’t make sense. Some companies require you to have 2, 3, 4 or more customers before you get paid. With GBG you get paid from your very first person and every single one there after. Because the low monthly qualifications at GBG are so reasonable, the retention rate of our members is extremely high. Join Now

  3. 3. Self Balancing “2x” Matrix!
    Unlike most other companies that offer a unilevel pay plan, or a stair-step breakaway, or a binary, or even a standard forced matrix, GBG has “changed the game” with its revolutionary Regenerating Matrix. With everyone only able to have two Matrix position spots on their first level, true spillover is created every time anyone enrolls a third (or more) customer or member. This causes maximum teamwork pay outs to happen automatically, where the strong help the weak.

  4. 4. 30 levels of Pay!
    Unlike most other companies that usually pay only seven or eight or maybe up to 10 levels of pay, GBG pays you for up to 30 levels of sales! As your team grows, so do your checks; and your potential pay won’t run away from you like it does in so many other pay plans. There is tremendous volume and money to be made on these deeper levels, especially because of compression which causes the pay to always roll up to the next qualified member.

  5. 5. The Power of Pay Points!
    Unlike most other companies where you can only get paid once from any sale in your organization, GBG’s Copyrighted Pay Points allow you to get paid two, three, four, five times and even more, on your entire organization’s sales! Every time you enroll a new customer and/or member from your third one on, you receive a Pay Point right above that new person in your existing matrix. Every new Pay Point comes with its own whole 30 level matrix! So everyone you enroll will always be on the first level of a new 30 level matrix that you get paid from. For example, if you have 10 Pay Points, you can be getting paid from 300 levels.

    You never have to pay for Pay Points and you don’t have to re-qualify them. They’re simply additional income receiving positions that you earn by enrolling people into GBG! And as your Pay Points stack underneath each other, you get paid multiple times on each sale! See The Magic of Pay Points Document to fully understand how powerful Pay Points are. No other Network Marketing Company has Pay Points. GBG invented them and had them copyrighted so no other company can ever duplicate them.

  6. 6. Highest Quality – Valued Priced Products!
    Unlike most other companies that overprice their products in order to pay commissions and still maintain high profit margins, GBG’s business philosophy is to maintain a low overhead and take as thin a slice of the “pie” as possible to run corporate. Then by paying as much as possible to the members who are growing the GBG “pie” they’ll grow a bigger “pie” than anyone has ever seen! In today’s marketplace products must be high quality, with result producing value, yet must be priced affordably for the masses. GBG’s 10-in-One Vitamin and Mineral Super Formula includes 10 life altering formulas, all in one great tasting, chewable tablet for only $39.97. Most importantly, GBG products are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients available. GBG understands that in order to have a long-term viable business, the products have to be first class and make a real difference in the health of our customers. The ingredients used in all GBG formulations are the most potent, highest quality ingredients available and all GBG products are manufactured in the USA under the strictest quality control regulations.

  7. 7. Weekly AND Monthly Pay!
    Unlike most other companies that only pay monthly, GBG pays Monthly AND Weekly! Fast Start and Continuing Enroller Bonuses and Platinum Promotion Matrix Pay (PPMP) are paid Weekly, while Product Matrix Pay is paid Monthly. That means you can get paid up to five times a month. Even twice in the same Week!

  8. 8. No Gimmicks, No Gotchas!
    Unlike most other companies that use minimal percentage ratios of group volume points, personal volume points & commissionable volume points as gimmicks, never having them equal the full dollar amount being spent, GBG pays out in dollars, not points! This means you can easily know what your income is!

  9. 9. GBG makes sure the Average Person can Succeed!
    GBG’s Master Distributor, Stuart Finger invented Pay Points so every member gets paid equally and fairly. GBG’s philosophy is the exact same as Stuart Finger’s. That means there’s no such thing as a Corporate “us” vs. “them” mentality with GBG. GBG is a Company where Members and Corporate are all truly on ONE GBG TEAM TOGETHER!

  10. 10. Total Transparency!
    Unlike most other companies, GBG keeps no secrets from their field leaders. Because they understand the importance of relationships and leadership in regards to building long-term success. At GBG you are treated as true partners in business and valued for your experience and work-ethics. GBG will never take you for granted because they truly understand without the dedication of their leaders... they would have no business.

For Experienced Networkers Only (The Industry Concept vs. Reality)

If you’ve had any experience at all in the network marketing industry, you’ve probably had your fair share of ups and downs. The opportunity always seems to be enticing, but if you’re like most people, the reality you’ve experienced has probably been much less than what you were hoping for. Why is that? We can explain.

You’re probably familiar with all the negative stigma surrounding our industry: “only people at the top ever make money”, “it’s a pyramid scheme”, etc. Here’s the thing: the concept of network marketing is not the problem! The concept of leveraging your effort and earning true, walk-away residual income is unbeatable. In fact, it’s really the only way most people today have a chance at achieving the financial independence and personal freedom of choice we all seek.

Unfortunately, the reality of network marketing has been sorely lacking! Until now, until GBG, network marketing has been shared and designed by the owners of companies, not by their distributors. That’s why the implementation of this amazing concept has consistently stacked the odds against most people ever succeeding. Yes, it’s actually by design that so many people fail in this industry while Corporate Leaders continue to thrive.

But not anymore! GBG is changing that paradigm – for everyone!

There are basically two types of network marketers. There are the majority of people who don’t experience the success they’re looking for; and then there are the few who do, but who also see that most of their team members don’t. The second group has to keep replacing their failing team members by bringing new people in through the “front door” as fast as the old ones are going out the back door of attrition. We call this the recruiting treadmill and no one wants to get stuck there.

No matter which group you belong to, if you’ve ever felt like you failed at network marketing, maybe it wasn’t you who failed; maybe it was the industry that failed you.

Did you know that it’s a proven statistic, researched over the last 40+ years that the average network marketer will bring in 2.7 other people to his or her company? Now let me ask you, have you ever seen a compensation plan where that amount of work could earn you any real money? Where by bringing in just two people, and experiencing an average team growth of two getting two, you could earn life changing income?

Probably not - Here’s why...

Network marketing is a business. It’s a different business model than traditional business, paying commissions to distributors rather than wages to employees. But it’s still a business. The owners of any traditional business have to pay their employees in order to get them to do the necessary work that makes the business successful. IF the employees don’t get paid, they won’t work. But the more the owners pay their employees, the less they make in corporate profits. So it’s a balancing act. Network marketing is no different.

Network marketing company owners have to pay their distributors to get them to promote the products and services they offer. But the more the owners pay out in commissions, the less they make in profit. The very fact that the owners’ profits are reduced by every commission paid puts them at odds with their own distributors. Every network marketing company that we know of, other than GBG, has been started by business owners for profit. That’s why the odds are purposely stacked against the average person (that is, the majority of people) succeeding.

Whether it’s the pay plan changes that reduce your income, unrealistic sponsoring qualifications that most people can’t achieve and that force you to never stop working, balancing requirements that can never be met, personal and group volume minimums that are way above the reach of most people’s abilities, or simply overpriced products that cause people to stop ordering when they realize they’re not making enough money to justify the expense; there’s always something that stacks the odds against the masses succeeding. That’s because if the average person doing the average work can achieve the big income everyone dreams about, then the owners’ profits will be reduced to almost nothing.

Here’s the thing – It doesn’t have to be that way!

We invite you to take the time to really examine all aspects of GBG. Scrutinize them; put them under the microscope. They promise you, the deeper you dig, the better it gets — for YOU!

We want you to know that GBG is NOT just another network marketing company.

This is NOT just another “deal” or another product line.

The truth is this is a whole new paradigm in business; not just in network marketing, but in any business arena. GBG presents an entirely new vision and business philosophy.

GBG’s Pay plan provides a “home” where network marketers do not have to battle the odds in order to succeed, or have to worry about their income being taken away from them.

GBG puts its money where its mouth is through its one-of-a-kind copyrighted pay plan!

GBG is a company already equipped and prepared to help you get on your own road to success!

You’re in business for yourself but never in business by yourself with GBG!

Unlimited potential is yours for the taking  at GBG!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

So...Is It MLM, Referral Marketing or Network Marketing???

A lot of people wonder if their business is Network Marketing or MLM, which is short for Multi-Level marketing.

Typically speaking these terms are used synonymously - they are basically used to represent the same thing.

However, they are subtly different. I’ll show you how in a moment... but first lets discuss why there are two names for the same thing.

The network marketing industry... which is what it is typically called now... has a history of calling itself different things.

We have an article on THIS SITE that explains this history in detail.

Even today, you’ll hear marketers say... we’re not MLM, or we’re not Network marketing... and they come up with novel new names to suggest they have some brand new way of doing business.

Why? Because they want to counter ingrained conceptions...

The reason network marketing became a popular term in the mid 1980’s was basically because many people in the general population had a negative association with the term multi-level marketing. And this was primarily due to some of the manipulative and hype laden marketing approaches used in the industry.

A new name might work for a while... but it won’t solve the underlying problems - which is why learning how to build a network marketing business properly is so important.

So let’s get down to what really matters... what is this business all about?\We all know the typical organizational chart that starts with you and spreads down.

There’s you... the people you brought in to the business - customers and promoters... and then there’s the people they bring in.

Organizations don’t grow symmetrically like this in the real world by the way... what I’m showing is simply for the sake of illustration.

Most of the time you’ll see this go on for a number of levels and when it’s talked about, it’s usually in terms of earning commision on this network. 5 percent on this level, 10 percent on this one... you know the drill.

But that’s not the complete story... and I think it creates a lot of misunderstanding.
Misunderstanding that will lead you to marketing methods that don’t work for this type of business and create the need to reinvent a name - rather than reinvent the way we do business.

Let me illustrate two sides of how this business really works... at least in the most successful way.
On one side of the equation you have your company... your downline customers purchase a product or service from this company. The company in turn pays you a commission based on some published plan.

Now this can happen for each level... which is why we call it multi-level marketing.

On the other side you have the picture of promotion - how does this network get created?

What’s different about network marketing is the level of personalization that’s involved vs. other businesses. Building a network is a lot more than about making a one time sale...
it’s about establishing and creating a relationship with the people in your network.

This happens through conversations... not mass marketing. Even if you generate leads through ads or get them from a lead company like Prosperity Central... you need to have conversations in order to build these relationships.

It’s these conversations... and the mentoring on how to have them, that is the network marketing part of the equation.

What you end up with is a network of interpersonal relationships and it’s these relationships that create a customer and product experience that is hard to find in the retail world.

As long as you don’t lose site of this truth... what you call the business really doesn't matter!

If you want to learn more about how to effectively build network marketing relationships without hype or manipulation checkout Prosperity Central by clicking HERE NOW! or Click HERE NOW to chat with one of our awesome independent, Home Based Business Consultants.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Network Marketing Success Tips: "The Top Five Secrets For Moving Beyond Your Warm Market"

The Top Five Secrets For Moving Beyond Your Warm Market

Online storeWhat’s old is new again. These days, outside of network marketing, you could be starting an online retail store, an affiliate marketing online blog or an eBay retail business.

Offline, your new venture could be a beauty salon or a construction and remodeling company. In any scenario, today’s market environment requires you to find customers fast. But from where? And you need employees or, at least, independent contractors who have the skills necessary to do the work your concern demands. Where do you find them?

How does one find reliable business partners these days?

Toward a friend, an acquaintance or even a family member might be where you seek to find your first candidates. Maybe they are not responsive, but maybe they know people who will be a good fit. The bottom line is that you will need human resources to help you start, maintain and expand your business, networking or not.

Friends and Family

Almost always, the first recommendations and referrals you turn to are from people you know, usually friends and family . In other words, your “warm market.” Not always the easiest, the warm list is a recommended place to start.
people-connectingMore than traditional brick-and-mortar business formats, more than online formulas, today’s network marketers aim to build a business that connects people and products together across many varied social strata and geographical boundaries — online melted these away a long time ago, and this new playing field dictates his or her activities. And forces him or her to learn new skills and engage in new field activities like facebooking, blogging, tweeting and holding online group chats among strangers.

However, one fundamental stayed the same and applies more than ever to the current marketplace: an MLM business must move past its warm market list as quickly as possible and develop a new warm market among its international prospect lists. 

Those who are part of the more traditional warm list, including those not initially interested in your opportunities or products, will have to be countered or worked around in a professional and honest manner that does not push them away. 

NOTE: CLICK HERE NOW to see the BEST way to learn how to do that!

The fundamental idea that one should never violate is, “Never burn the warm list bridge behind you!” And for good reason: warm market prospects remain one of the greatest resources for the growth of an MLM downline. 

Family and friends who continue to respect you will give you referrals, be your customer and, when circumstances change in their lives, may actually say “yes” to your presentation one day.

People getting togetherHere are five MLM training tips which apply not only to traditional warm market, but also to online “families” and circles of friends.
  1. Never insult someone for his or her decision not to participate with you in your business. They will close doors behind you that one day may have opened a pathway to someone who might have earned you a fortune in your downline. Remember, of the first 500 people who opted in to the Amway opportunity, 495 fell away in a short time, but the remaining five built a billion-dollar business by working together. Berating someone for their lack of interest is unprofessional and out of place.

  2. Be wise.”No” rarely means no forever. The brother who rejected you and your offers could lose his job. If you embarrassed him or showed him lack of human respect, not only will he not work with you, he will level the playing field by telling your friends about the “scam” he avoided when you offered it to him.

  3. Objections and critical gossiping about past failures and bad experiences can be powerful life lessons. The challenges, once overcome, make you stronger. Dealing with personal issues as they appear and relate to your business, fortifies your resolve if you look at them as opportunities. People trust the leader who sets a good example and wins the day. An unbroken trust establishes relationships which can lead to a lifetime of business growth.

  4. It’s all in the numbers, not the yeses or no’s. Some prospects reach out after one conversation, others take 10 — nine”no” answers yield a “yes” on the 10th call. The art and heart of networking is finding out exactly what prospects mean when they give you a “no.” Like the 9th call, understanding the true objection could open the door to the change for the better that rocks your business!

  5. Bug them not. If friend or family prospects clearly are not interested, move on. Learn how to get yourself in front of new people who might see your MLM business or product eye-to-eye. Satisfied customers are the new warm list, and they will bring you other people who want what they have.

What’s Old Is New Again

Warm-list marketing from the early days brought MLM as an industry to where it is today. It will always be an important part of the business. 

And today, MLM leaders use both the traditional and brand-new online warm markets as the first and last places they go to for expansion. While the landscape changes every day, the rules of common courtesy remain the same. 

What’s old is new again.

Abuse it and you lose it.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Best Network Marketing/Internet Marketing Tips:"How to Argue With Your Prospects!"

"If nobody is listening, then what you say won't work."

Ever try to win an argument? It is hard because the other person tries to defend his position and views. The more you talk, the more the other person thinks of new things to say to support his position.

Wait, if you are talking, and the other person isn't listening because he is thinking of what to say next ... well, what you're saying isn't being heard.

So the first rule of arguing, especially in the network marketing profession, is to agree with the other person. That will stop the other person from thinking of new things to say. And if you are agreeing with the other person, well, there is no argument.

So first, agree. Then ... you can insert your point of view because the other person is listening. Want an example?

Just learn these two words: "Of course."

Now, observe how this sounds to the other person who has just given you an objection.

Prospect: "I don't have any money to join."
You: "Of course you don't have any money to join. That is why I am talking to you, because I know you want to change that situation. So let's first look at how you can raise the money to ..."

Prospect: "I don't have any time. I am way too busy."
You: "Of course you don't have any time. That is why I am talking to you, because I know you eventually want more time in your life. So let's see how ..."

Got the idea?

It is polite to agree with the other person, and it opens up the lines of communication so your message can be heard.

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