The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to Build a Profitable Network Marketing Business Part Time

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MLM or Network Marketing is one of the greatest industries for the average person to get involved with currently, especially with corporate downsizing that takes place in  America on a daily basis.

The issue is, most people struggle with making time to actually build their business. I’ve realized that the main reasons people join Network Marketing is for time and financial freedom.

The goal is to become your own boss and to earn a substantial amount of money primarily to replace a full-time income from a traditional job.

The challenge most people face is how do you do that when most of your time is being spent building someone else’s dream?
Between working 40 hours or more on a corporate job, fighting traffic to and from work, taking care of household duties and more, how does the average person actually find any success in Network Marketing on a part-time basis?
Where does this time come from?
What about the energy to actually do the work that it takes to get there?
I can recall being in the same position, and asking myself the same exact questions before I even tried to earn a dime in Network Marketing. I signed up excited to make some money, but I didn’t realize exactly how I was going to do it.

So then I had to ask myself:

“What can I do right now, while working my full time job, to obtain success in Network Marketing?”
These are the 6 steps that have helped me along the way.
1. Find Your WhyHow To Create A Full Time Income On A Part Time Basis - Find Out Your Why
I first had to figure out exactly why I wanted to be a part of Network Marketing. It had to be a reason beyond freedom, deeply rooted, otherwise, what would stop me from quitting? The why had to be important enough to push me to maintain a positive attitude and keep me totally committed to the goal that was set before me.
Have you thought about why you are trying to build a business? Think about it. If you already have another stream of income coming in that has been sustaining you, what would keep you from quitting if the MLM industry began to get a little hard? Those are the questions I had to ask myself in order to really find an emotional attachment to exactly what I was doing.
2. Sacrifice: Bye Bye Break TimeHow To Create A Full Time Income On A Part Time Basis - Sacrifice
Working a full time job and being committed to a Network Marketing opportunity can be tough. There are only 24 hours in a day and between sleep, work, and household duties, most of the time is taken up. Therefore, if we are going to build a business on a part time basis, then we have to manage our time efficiently. We need to be committed to building our business during our break times.
When Network Marketing is a part time business, we have to squeeze time in our schedules to be able to work our business. 

We need to plan and strategize how to make a great use of our time. The break times can be used to schedule out our days, weeks, and months, and can also be used to send emails or messages about your business. 

Also, remember that 90% of Network Marketing is mental, on our breaks at work, we may not have time to actually make calls, but we can also spend that break developing ourselves. 

The only way to ace the Network Marketing industry is to study. During this time, we could watch videos on our company, study the compensation plan, or read books about leadership, growth, or mindset. 

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Remember every minute matters when we are trying to find time to build in an already time consuming schedule.
3. Give Up Your Time Wasters & Participate In Income Producing ActivitiesHow To Create A Full Time Income On A Part Time Basis - Income Producing Activities
Everyone loves to sit around on a Saturday and do “absolutely nothing.” However, since we are aiming to produce a full time income on a part time basis, then all of our time wasting activities need to be cut to a minimum. In Network Marketing, income producing activities include but are not limited to finding prospects, inviting prospects to meetings, building relationships, closing prospects, launching new business partners, and promoting the events locally, nationally, and globally.
If we are going to earn a real income, then we must put in real work. Since we are doing this part time, we should schedule part time hours.

The average person in a part-time position puts in 10-20 hours a week, and we should be doing the same. If that is the goal, we should be spending 2-3 hours a day building our business.

Every minute matters. Remember, we only get paid for the production of our team & I. Utilizing our time wisely will help push us to the next level.
4. Budget.. Market …Reinvest ProfitsHow To Create A Full Time Income On A Part Time Basis - ReInvest Profits
We all know that you cannot build a business without money. We need money to build any business, but before you invest, make sure you allocate your time wisely. Once you have strategically planned your time, plot out your finances. Remember, the beauty of being part time is that we still have a sustainable full time job, so budgeting for your business is essential. We should decide what amount of money we can spend to invest into ourselves. Once that is decided, use that money to purchase your inventory and invest in personal marketing materials like this one=> that can be used to promote your business to cold and warm prospects.

From the beginning,you should start using the profits to reinvest in the business so that the business is essentially paying for itself.

Remember that it is a process, but it is achievable.
5. Utilize Social MediaHow To Create A Full Time Income On A Part Time Basis - Social Media
Today, relationships can be built almost anywhere, and it doesn’t take a phone or face to face conversation to build it. Most people spend most of their days scrolling down their Facebook and Instagram feeds trying to figure out what is the next big scandal. Therefore, we should utilize the networking stream that is open and free to everyone. If people are going to scroll down their social media streams anyway, why not post about your business and interact with strangers who have a common interest in what you are promoting?
Social media is often viewed at work, home, in cars, and pretty much everywhere. So instead of being one of the ones that is scrolling down the news feeds, change your activity to more interacting activities. Facebook is a billion dollar industry. 

Make sure that your presence is known on social media. 

You'll also want to avoid these "9 Things That People Do Wrong On Facebook"

The great part is that you can access it from any device, and when you can’t prospect over the phone, you can spend time building relationships and having conversations with your friends list on your own social media platform.
6. Don’t Be So Quick To Quit Your JobHow To Create A Full Time Income On A Part Time Basis - Don't Quit
Building a full time income on a part time basis can be very frustrating, but it is imperative that we use our business sense when determining when is a great time to quit your full time job. The best part about having a full time job is that your MLM money can be an additional stream of income saved until it is enough to surpass the full time income you are receiving on a regular basis. Some people become impatient and are too quick to quit their full time jobs, and they end up putting an unnecessary strain on what could potentially be a great business venture.
The key is to remember that part of building your business is patience, and at the beginning, the Network Marketing opportunity will not be enough to pay your bills, but patience, dedication, and commitment can have your Network Marketing business sky rocketing in no time.

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Building a full time income on a part time basis can be frustrating, but if it is done effectively, it will be worth it.

By following the six steps listed above, a new Network Marketer that is working their business on a part time basis should be able to find success in the industry.

Success all derives in the mindset, so if one believes that he or she can achieve it, then you can.
The goal is to build a successful business and have an additional stream of income, and remember it all starts with making sure your why is big enough to sustain you throughout the process. The process may be tedious, but the end result will be worth it.

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