The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"9 Things You're Doing Wrong On Facebook That's Hurting Your Business & How to Fix It ASAP!"

9 Things You're Doing Wrong on Facebook . . . That Could Be Killing Your Lead Generation—and How to Turn It Around Immediately 

 Hey, welcome to my latest coaching “Insider Tips.” Warren Little here. And I hope you're having a great, great day. I want to chat with you real quick about the nine things you're doing wrong on Facebook, because . . .

*If you're not getting people to engage on your post,

 *If you're not getting people to “like” your page,

 *If you're not getting people to sign up with you and your business,

 *If you're not selling products online . . . I guarantee you're doing one--if not many--of these nine things wrong. 

But it’s not too late. So get focused with me—and keep reading. 
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 1. Company names. 

Yes, get them off your Facebook page! 

Don't say that you're in this so-and-so company. Don't put it on your banner. Don't put it in your “About” section. Why do I say/teach that?

Because people will just Google your product name and get your product that way, or they're going to find something “scam-y” about it because that kind of misinformation is out there. Not because people are intentionally trying to hurt you, by the way, but because people want to say negative things to get traffic. 

2. Links on your PERSONAL page

Get them out of there. They don’t work. People aren’t going to opt-in or buy anything you have if you just put links on your page. They're just not going to do it. I promise you, it's not going to happen.

I just want you to know: links on your page simply drive people away. People don't want to see that—that’s not why they’re on social media! 

NOTE: It's ok to put links on thru Blog Posts on your  Business Fan Page . Click HERE to see a great example of how to do this effectively 

3. Mass company messages.

You go to your conference. You're all excited.

They say, "Put this all on social media." Well, guess what? Everybody else is doing that too, so there's tens of thousands of people more than likely doing the same thing. 

You can post something about that message, but don't post the exact message. Change it up a bit.

Why? Because everybody else is doing it. You want to be different. 

4. Pitching on your first message.

I just had somebody the other day reach out to me and say, "Would you buy my product, Warren? Are you interested in a new business?" Create a relationship first, guys. That's the way it works.

5. Sending a link on messenger--

No, no, no! Don't do that. I'm going to tell you what you do instead. On Messenger you say, "What's a good number for you?"

Then you get them on the phone. You get them in a position where you can win.

So why do that? Because if you send them a link, they’ve got the gold. That's your gold. You don't give that away. 

6. Pictures of your product.

Now, no matter what your company says, I believe that putting pictures of your product on your company page or on your Facebook page is hurting you. And here's why?

Because if they see your Network Marketing Company name & all there products, and all they have to do is go over to Google & they can find out what it is.

Your page needs to peak their curiosity. There's no curiosity when you let it out of the bag like that.

7. Turning your friends off.

Don't have your interaction with your friends be all about your company. Don't have everything be about business.

Don't have everything be about making money. Be social. Be a friend. That's what social networking is for. 

8. Asking people to try your product right out of the gate.

I just had a girl yesterday or a few days ago come out and say, "Warren, would you like to try my product?" I didn't know her. Why am I going to try her product?

Find a need first. Find a pain.

9. Finally, taking offense at the answer you receive.

If you ask somebody if they’re open, or if they're open and they say, “No,” I‘m telling you, don’t cringe at that answer. It's okay.

Because, here's the deal--here's what you need to understand: You need to be okay so you can come back to them. Why?

Why do you need to come back to them? Because it takes on average of three to five times for somebody to buy. Do not take offense. Their answers are answers. Don't tell them why they should. Say, "Cool." Write that person’s name down and get back to him or her later. 

So even if you’re doing one of these things—or several— it’s not a deal breaker…unless you keep doing it! 

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Go pick that up so that you, my friends, can make money on Facebook. I PROMISE you it'll change your life & Business immediately for the better and eliminate alot of stress!

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To YOUR Multiplied Successes,
Warren Little

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