The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Monday, May 30, 2016

"The 5 Greatest Network Marketing Lies Your Company & Sponsor Hope You NEVER Find Out!"

Almost everything I was told by my upline about building a successful network marketing business were…

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DO NOT Read Any Further Unless You’re Ready To Hear The Truth
Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m skating on thin ice here, because what I’m about to say will NOT go well with most of the Top Leaders in Network Marketing.

But It Is The Truth…

Big Lie Number 1:
This Is A Numbers Game

“Don’t worry about rejection. The more people you talk to, the more people you’re going to recruit. This is a number game.”
Ever heard this one before?
I bet you have, and it probably kept you from losing your mind when most, if not ALL your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers said NO to your business.
Because after all, it’s a “Numbers Game”, right?
Well, even though this is partially true, business is a game of numbers, there is a way to build yours without facing ANY rejection whatsoever, and skip the embarrassment that comes with it.
You’ll discover how further on this page.

Big Lie Number 2:
You Are Just One Recruit Away From An Explosion

I think some Network Marketing Leaders say that just to give you a false sense of hope that your winning lottery ticket is just one rep away. Theoretically it’s true. However I’ve met people who personally sponsored HUNDREDS into their company and never got their business off the ground.
I’ll tell the real reason why in a moment. And more importantly, how you can FIX this massive leaky hole in your business.

Big Lie Number 3:
Most Of Your Time Should Be Spent Prospecting

What a bunch of nonsense. Prospecting by making cold calls, going to the mall, talking to strangers, passing out flyers or business cards… all this is a BIG HONKING WASTE OF TIME.
Seriously, think about it… if you spend all of your time and energy on trying to get in front of people, you’ll have no time left to actually run your business.
I think Michael Gerber in his classic book “The E-Myth” summed it up best…
“Work ON your business not IN it.”
I, like many Network Marketers was not only working IN my business, but I wasn’t even making any money for it.
I’m going to show you how to shift your focus to much more profitable activities, that will explode your Network Marketing business withoutdoing any prospecting at all.

Big Lie Number 4:
Recruiting Is The Key To Your Success In Network Marketing

Now before you grab the torch and the pitchfork, hear me out. Recruiting is an essential part of your success in Network Marketing, but it is NOT the key.
Thinking that it is, would be the same as saying the key to McDonald’s success is selling franchises. It’s not.
Hold that thought for a moment, because this might be one of the most IMPORTANT things I’m going to reveal to you.

Big Lie Number 5:
Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Do what other successful people have done, and you too will be successful.
Here’s the problem with this thinking. Most of the advice given today by Network Marketing Leaders, comes from the “old school” methods that might have worked well in the 80’s and the early part of the 90’s.

But C’mon…

Seriously. We are over a DECADE into the 21st century, and the old “tried and true” methods are as obsolete as the Pony Express.
Last time I checked, my mail man pulled up in a car. And I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume yours did too.
With what we have at our disposal today, it’s INSANE to continue and rely on these archaic tactics, and not leverage the technology you have at your finger tips.
You could take a steamboat across the Atlantic today, and hopefully make it through rough weather in a week’s time. OR… you could hop on plane and get from New York to London in just 6 hours.
I think we can safely say…

It’s Official…

Old School MLM Is DEAD…
And The Internet Killed It

My dinosaur uplines who had created their “wealth” in the glory days of Amway, had been teaching me things they knew no longer worked because the internet had completely changed the game. In fact, they did everything they could to shield me from the internet.
And with good reason…

Why Would They Want To Expose The Truth?

When the FACT is…
There’s absolutely NO NEED to “pound the pavement” on a daily basis, when you can let an automated system do ALL the heavy lifting for you.
A system that will AUTOMATICALLY…
  • Get leads & prospect for you without having to pick up the phone, cold call or deal with any rejection ever again.
  • Get highly motivated prospects with a few keystokes, real people who actually WANT to see what you’ve got!
  • Recruit people and make sales without even talking to them! (Made $60k in passive income my 1st year with this.)
And what you’re about to discover is how you can…

Shortcut The Process…

Save yourself weeks, months, and possibly even years of frustration, and NO RESULTS… and build a successful Network Marketing business and create an instant income in NO TIME FLAT.
Using something called…

Attraction Marketing

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