The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

The Insider Secrets to Generating UNLIMITED FREE HIGH QUALITY LEADS For ANY Business

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

10 Ways to Build Your Network Marketing Business With A Blog

So you're wondering if you should get started in the  Network Marketing Business?

Are you looking for the fastest way to grow a Network Marketing Team?
Well a Big Fist Bump to you for doing your research and seeking out the most effective ways to reach success quickly. I seriously wish that I’d taken some time to learn more about the Network Marketing business before jumping in.
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We were just fueling our business off excitement… total rookies,  looking for a better way.

Getting our friends and family on board wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. They didn’t seem to see the vision behind the “All Natural Products” we were selling.
We did everything our upline told us to do. Wrote a list of every single person we knew, called them all and invited them to our Home Party. Even asked them to “bring the ice” to ensure that they’d show.
We had a lot of Ice-less and Guest-less parties.
This Training Article will open your eyes to new dynamic ways to build a Network Marketing Business, without having to go through the disappointment of No-Shows and Ignored Calls.
Network Marketing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, bringing in over 104 Billion Dollars a year. So you’re definitely right in looking at getting involved.
64,000 people each week are joining a Network Marketing Business.
So you may be asking yourself, “How can I get in on that action instead of sifting through coworkers who snicker when I say Network Marketing?”
You actually found the answer right here, a BLOG.
If you are in Network Marketing and NOT BLOGGING YET, by the end of this post you’ll understand just what you’re missing and you’ll want to get started asap.

1. Give Your Niche What They Want.

If you are in a Home Based Business, and you want to start using the Internet and a Blog to grow your team and your sales you must understand WHO YOUR NICHE IS first. 
Are you a distributor for a Fitness Company? Does your company provide Vitamins? Is it a home shopping company? Do you sell Hemp products? Ecofriendly cleaning supplies?
Once you know what your Niche is, you can start developing your AVATAR. A Customer Avatar is your ideal Target Market, a Character you create to better understand the Needs, Wants, Desires, and Fears of people who will buy your products and join your team.
You can check out my other post for an in depth training on how to Create Your Customer Avatar.
Now, what does your avatar want? Make a list….
  • Look Younger
  • Quit their Job
  • Go on Vacation
  • Get Healthier
  • Lose Weight
  • Fast Recipes
  • Quick Work out Tips
With your Blog, you suddenly can become the “Solutions Provider” to give your ideal customers exactly what they want.

2. Build a Virtual Relationship on Autopilot
If you’re already in a Home Based Business, you’ve probably heard the saying…
People do business with those they know, like and trust.
This is why a lot of traditional Network Marketers will argue that the “Belly to Belly” methods of Home Parties and 3 Way calls will always be best. However, with technology like Youtube and Google Hangouts and a BLOG you can now be building these relationships on Autopilot while you’re out enjoying your life.
Think of this…. Someone comes to your Blog, and watches your video on “The Tremendous Tax Advantages Of A Home Based Business” where they see you explaining how the Tax Code is heavily slanted in the favor business owners. 

They immediately connect with you. They come back tomorrow to watch your video and read the BLOG POST by the same name. They get more and more familiar with you each time they visit.
They begin to KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, AND TRUST YOU… and you haven’t picked up a phone, done a “Meeting” or even had to do any extra work at all.
For me, each blog post is one of my little soldiers. And our Army of Badass Content is out there building relationships for us while I'm Scuba Diving & Octavia is reading, playing with Duke & Holiday or going for a walk.

3. Home Parties aren’t Dead… They’re Just EASIER when they’re Virtual ­čÖé

When we were building our Network Marketing company traditionally we were in a different living room every night of the week. We would sometimes drive hours to get to our Team Mates house… only to have 2 to 4 people in the room.
Do Home Parties work? YES, of course they do… but when you’re online they are much easier.
Rather than burning the gas, and wasting time in the car… work smarter rather than harder. 
With a Blog, you are able to create a page and stream LIVE right in your team mates living room. So if their uncle or  Church Member that came out, have questions about the Presentation they can interact with you live and hear your testimonial, without you actually having to be there.
This content then lives on the Internet, to be leveraged later (more on that in #6)

4. Generating Leads of INTERESTED Customers/Prospects

Have you written out your list yet? If you’re serious about your home based business, then your answer is probably YES. I remember busting out the Memory Jogger, and challenging myself to write down at least 100 names of people I knew that I was going to show my business to.
Don’t get me wrong, approaching your
friends/family/dentist/teacher/lawyer/doctor/coworker/babysitter works. 
But one of the most common issues that hold back Network Marketers is they “Run Out of People to Talk to.”
We get asked on an almost daily basis…
How can I connect with new people to show my business too?
And our number 1 answer is always “Start a Blog” (Test this Blog Platform out for FREE here)
With a blog you are able to generate leads of people who are already interested in your products and services. They are reading your articles, watching your videos, using your tips, and cooking your recipes. They’ve even given you their email to get more information!
Now that’s a much better conversation than calling your cousin Marshall for the 7th time about coming to your Home Party.

5. Connect with your Local Market

Did you know, RIGHT NOW… at this exact moment, someone is your town is looking online for exactly what you have in your Network Marketing business??
The old methods of handing out flyers on car windows, radio ads, and even Newspaper print… are quickly becoming obsolete. We don’t look at our cookbooks anymore, we just go to Pinterest and find an image that looks yummy, click on the picture, and head over to someone’s blog to check out the instructions.
Ranking for keywords in your Local City is easier as well because there is less competition.
You might be saying “I don’t have a weight loss program tho.” No, maybe not. But if you can still target this keyword as you know your Customer Avatar would be searching this term. 
Remember #1? Give them what they want. Talk about the best Weight Loss Programs in Pt St Lucie  and then also give them information about your product. 

6. Answer Common Questions About Your Company/Product/Services

Word of Mouth marketing will always be powerful. Suzy hears from her friend Rachel about this amazing new skin care line that instantly makes you look 10 years younger. What does Suzy do before she buys it?
Suzy opens her laptop and types into the Oracle (aka Google) her questions about the skin care product. What’s in it? Is it safe? Does it really work? How long does it last? etc etc etc. You get the idea.
Bill sees that his buddy is making decent money with a company helping people lower their monthly bills. What does Bill do before he joins this company as a distributor?
Bill wants to know if this company is legit. How long has it been around? How much is the commission? Who else is successful? Where is the head office?
So even though you aren’t the one that showed Suzy the skin products, and you never even met Bill… YOU are the one who’s answering their questions. Not only are you creating lots of little Questions Answering/Relationship Building soldiers on the internet,you’re also creating content that your new team members can also leverage.

7. Brand Yourself as the Expert

Like we discussed in #6… even though you aren’t the one pounding the pavement, a Blog allows you to position yourself as the “Expert”.
You provide resources, training, and information on your Blog that sets you apart from the average Tom Dick and Harry out there trying to “Sign People Up” into their business.
I remember when I first got started in our first Network Marketing company… we were 2 struggling young people in love with each other and our dreams of becoming totally financially independent  we had no success story, no results, and ZERO Credibility.
What was our sponsors solution to this?
The 3 Way Call. duh duh duh.
This is where you get your upline on the phone, and you edify THEM as the expert to answer your prospects questions.
Personally, I hated this process. I’ve been on both sides. Where I was introducing my friend to a random stranger they never met who I said was an Expert, and also having team members call me to talk to their prospects as their Expert.
Both sucked. lol
With a blog, you can share powerful knowledge… teaching your Avatar something they did not know before. And YOU become the expert in their eyes… and you never have to pick up the phone.

8. Product Reviews & Competitor Reviews

People LOVE Product reviews.
I know when I was buying an SUV I didn’t really base my decision on price… the first thing I checked out was the Customer Reviews. I wanted to hear from other people who owned an SUV and see how they liked it, what issues they had, and if they recommended it.
Your blog allows you to create powerful Product Reviews for each product in your line… where you can add before/after pics, video testimonials, and even have people leave their comments of their experience.
Not only are you able to create Product Reviews for your own products in your Network Marketing Company, but you can also review the competitors products.

HINT: Avoid BASHING other company’s products. Give genuine reviews of the product and always try and keep your framing positive. You can then offer your own solution as a cheaper/better option and people will be more likely to trust you if they don’t see you bashing.

9. Recruit Team Members Internationally

One of our Top Producers in my former Network Marketing Company was from The Phillipines. We have never been there (although I think we may make our first visit for a Live Event there this year), and we didn’t know anyone in The Phillipines.
He found a video on Youtube, that took him over to our Blog. He went through our training and our posts all night long and at 3am Phillipines time, he clicked the button on our post and got himself started in our business.

No conversation.

No showing her the plan at Starbucks.

No tricking her into bringing Ice to our Home Party.

We now have a powerful team growing on the other side of the world… from a Blog.
Having a blog makes it easy to connect with people in countries you may never even have heard of. And if your Network Marketing Company is talking about Global Expansion… this is an opportunity you simply cannot ignore.

10. Train your New Distributors without Leaving Your House

Still trying to get New Business Partners in your Network Marketing company to duplicate?

Keep getting excuses why they can’t make it to your Super Saturday training?
Maybe there aren’t any Super Saturday Training's in your area.
I remember sitting at a new Team Members kitchen table… going through the Getting Started Training, making their list, and helping them make calls. What a pain in the butt.
One of our favorite things about building a Network Marketing Business with a blog, is the leverage it creates for us. We can train our new members with Live Video Streams, and practically be at their kitchen table with them… and new members down the line can watch that recording over and over and over again.
No more excuses on why they can’t get out to the Training events. If they have a computer, send them to your Blog Post and BAM there ya go.
I know I promised you 10 Ways to Build Your Network Marketing Business With A Blog but as you know if you follow me I like to under promise & over deliver so here's another one...

11. Create Culture in Your Team by Sharing Team Building Success Stories

Your blog gives you a place where you can showcase and acknowledge your Top Performers and celebrate the successes of the Newbies.
People work for money, but they die for recognition.
Not only does it make your team feel like Rockstars when you blog about them, Interview Them, and share their stories… but it also connects your team on a deeper level and can push them to take more action.
One of your team members who hasn’t taken action yet could hear the story of Michelle and how she’s finally quit her job, and get inspired to make a DECISION that they can do it to. “If Michelle can do it, I can too!”
There is also a bond that’s created. When your Team is cheering each other on, and you teach them early on to celebrate the success of others in the team… it creates an abundance mentality in the team, and a Positive Environment that attracts new prospects and keeps existing ones in the game.
The culture you create … is like the GLUE in your team. And if you’ve been in the Network Marketing industry any amount of time you know that Retention is one of the most common issues with most leaders.


Network Marketing has changed hundreds of thousands of average peoples lives, just like you.
We are not telling you that the traditional “Belly to Belly” methods of building a Network Marketing Business don’t work. Looking at companies like Avon and Amway, it’s clear that they do.
However, ignoring the change in communication methods, ignoring technology, and limiting your reach to people you know …. just isn’t smart business in the 21st Century.
Blogging is a growing phenomena because of how POWERFUL it is, and how well it works in Network Marketing.
There are a lot of different blogging platforms you can choose from. You can spend hours setting up your own wordpress blog, getting your hosting, and probably paying someone to design you a theme to make it actually look good… or, you can test out our plug and play “DONE FOR YOU” blog that simplifies the whole process for you, for just $7 as of the time of this writing.
Whatever platform you decide to go with… just START BLOGGING NOW, your Network Marketing Business will thank you!

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